14 'Glee' Songs to Listen to For Every Emotional Situation

With the final season in progress, it's about time we start prepping for the feels Glee' s final Season 6 moments will give us in the next month — if you haven't been doing that for the past two years, like me. Glee's take on growing up has hit home with many of its fans. From bullying, discovering sexuality, or simply becoming your own person, Glee has covered it all. Glee's relatable storylines have almost acted as a friend to viewers, a huge reason it will be missed. But just because the show is completing its run on TV doesn't mean it will leave our lives forever. The show has produced many songs for fans to listen to for years to come, songs that Glee fans can find fitting for any situation.

Whether you simply watch Glee and feel emotionally connected to the characters, or download every song onto your iPhone and listen to that 24/7, there's no denying that some of the songs Glee has done over the years are perfect for a good cry, a good pump up, or an amazing "diva" moment. Here is a definitive list of your go-to Glee songs for every emotional situation.

When You're Feeling Inspirational: "Firework"

S2GleeS2 on YouTube

Not only does Lea Michele slay this song, but no matter what current emotional state you're in before, after blasting "Firework," you're going to feel like you can conquer the world.

When You're Just Plain Happy: "Dog Days Are Over"

Euds1 on YouTube

This song can't NOT make you smile. It's the power of Florence Welch.

When You Feel Unheard: "Listen"

laserdiscguy on YouTube

Kind of self-explanatory, but this amazing cover by Charice will make you feel completely heard.

When You Feel Sing-Songy: "How Will I Know"

FoxTV on YouTube

This is like the best song to sing when you feel like you need to sing everything that comes out of your mouth. Why? No, not because you're as talented as these four (or Whitney, for that matter), — maybe you are, I don't know your life — but because this is a cappella, you don't need any music to be just like the Glee stars.

When You Feel Like A Diva: "Take Me or Leave Me"

RH Fanstuff on YouTube

This song was sung in a diva-off, so it's the perfect song for when you're purposely running 15 minutes late to meet your friends for dinner.

When You Fall In Love: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"

xbox360fan1001 on YouTube

Just stare adoringly at a picture of your love (or their Facebook profile, because 2015).

When You're All "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar:" "Girl on Fire"

ღ.•*Antonella*•.ღ on YouTube

Naya Rivera SO did this song justice.

When You Feel Like You Need to Celebrate: "Tongue Tied"

I Wanna Be A Gleek on YouTube

Arguably the best spot for the show to have ended, "Tongue Tied" is the perfect song to celebrate to, especially because you'll be celebrating with the OGs of New Direction, after they won Nationals!

When You Feel Miserable: "Shake It Out"

GleekerForever12 on YouTube

Girl, don't be miserable. This version of Florence + The Machine's "Shake It Out" is simply amazing, and will pick any miserable mood off the ground.

When You Feel Nostalgic: "We Are Young"

OnMusicGlee on YouTube

When you start thinking about growing up and become — UGH — a real adult, blast this song and think about yesteryear.

When You Feel Empowered: "I Won't Give Up"

The name says it all. Whether you're getting over a rough patch in life, or prepping for something you know you're going to kick ass at, "I Won't Give Up" is your perfect song.

When You Feel Like a Pretty Cry: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

OnMusicGlee on YouTube

From Cory Monteith's amazing voice, to the haunting nature of the Cyndi Lauper classic, this song will be your "a single tear rolled down her cheek" song.

When You Feel Like an Ugly Cry: "Make You Feel My Love"

Greek Leanatic on YouTube

Does this need any explanation. Cry, girl, cry like there's no tomorrow.

When You Feel Alive, Baby!: "Pumpin' Blood"

It's a (enter day of the week here), baby, and I'm alive!

Images: FOX