'Homeland' Season 5 Premiere Is Still Far Away, But Here's What To Expect For Carrie, Quinn, & The CIA

When Homeland's Season 4 finale came to a close without a single bomb exploding, gun firing, or character suddenly dying, some viewers were less than thrilled. This isn't the high-stakes, action-packed season closer we've grown used to. Instead, the show chose to explore Carrie's life at home, including her discovery that she has a half-brother. The finale episode, "Long Time Coming," also left us with even more questions. A month later, we do know a bit about what's ahead on Season 5 of Homeland . Granted, next season's episodes aren't even written yet, but the series' creators have left us enough hints to start piecing some plotlines together. [UPDATE: Deadline reports that Homeland will return Oct. 4.]

As to when we'll finally see Carrie, Quinn, Saul, and the rest of the characters again, even that remains a mystery. Previous seasons have started in the fall, mostly in late September or early October, so that's a good bet for when Homeland 's fifth season will premiere. But we definitely don't have to wait 10 months to start predicting where the story is headed next. There are no definite answers on Homeland, and that includes even after episodes have aired (should Carrie have taken out Haqqani and sacrificed Saul when she had the chance? Who knows.) But here are the things fans can be pretty sure about, so far.

We Should Be Seeing Carrie's Brother Again

Though Homeland has been on for four seasons now, we still don't know all that much about Carrie's childhood or personal life (besides her affair with Brody). The season finale finally let us in on the CIA agent's relationship with her mom, and revealed that Carrie has a half-brother, Tim, who was the result of one of her mother's affairs. There's no way the show would introduce a major character like that and never follow up, so I'd expect to see more of Tim next season.

Farewell, Islamabad

The show's creators are staying mostly mum about what to expect for Season 5, but Showtime's president' David Nevins did make it clear that Pakistan is in their rearview mirror. "They’re not going back to Pakistan," he told Entertainment Weekly. After how badly the attack on the embassy messed with everyone's heads, I don't blame them. Plus, Quinn is in Syria, Haqqani's off to Afghanistan, and the U.S. has cut off relations with Islamabad. There's nothing left there for the CIA.

We Won't Have to Wait Long to Learn Carrie & Quinn's Fate

There's no word yet on whether Carrie and Quinn will finally get together next season. But Nevins commented that he doesn't plan on drawing the mystery out. He told Entertainment Weekly, "My preference is that I’m not into the artificially elongated 'will they or won’t they.' If you want to do it, go for it. Don’t be cute." Does saying that legally require Homeland to follow through on the promise?

Images: David Bloomer/Showtime; Showtime (2); QuinnAndCarrie/Tumblr