Nail Polish For Men Is Officially A Thing

Nail polish is one of those things that is partially fun and partially a life lesson in having patience. I mean, say what you will about the pointlessness of painting your nails, but at least speaking personally, one thing is for sure — I automatically feel more put together when my nails are done. And it's not just that. Had it not been from years and years of painstakingly learning to wait the proper amount of time for my nails to dry, I probably wouldn't be able to handle anything that involved waiting. Long lines at the movies? Forget it. The DMV? I would have a breakdown. My point is: Painting your nails is just wonderful. And it shouldn't be a hobby just for girls — thanks to two brands, dudes can learn patience and have killer nails, too. Yeah, NCLA and HUF have officially created nail polish for men.

Granted, men don't really need their own brand of nail polish to reap the benefits of the beauty habit, but it's nice that they're getting their own little niche in the polish industry, right? The new lacquer from NCLA and HUFF is called, "Craig's Black Lust," (no, really, that's it's name) and was named by pro surfer Craig Anderson. Because why not, I guess?

It's black (obviously), $18, comes in a limited-edition black matte bottle and, again, in case you missed it the first time—is named 'Craig's Black Lust.' Oh, and did I mention that it's black? What else do you really need to know, right?

Images: NCLA