'Sherlock' Star Benedict Cumberbatch Named World's Sexiest Movie Star & Nope, Not a Joke

The power of the Brits really is strong. Landing above sexy-list staples Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, and Johnny Depp, Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch have landed the top spots on Empire magazine's list of "100 Sexiest Movie Stars." Because intelligence is magnetic, too, not just perfect faces.*

"Cumberbatch specialises in characters that are far too clever, and far too cool, to take the rest of humanity seriously," writes Empire in their explanation of why they chose Cumberbatch for the coveted spot. "And then he somehow makes us love him for it."

It was a surprising choice, admittedly, even for people (like yours truly) who would follow Cumberbatch to the edge of the world as long as he promised to do that popped-collar thing he does on Sherlock. Cumberbatch beat out some of the biggest movie stars in the world for this title, and it's just another indicator that the Sherlock star is rising above the show and his role in Star Trek and is on his way to becoming Hollywood's newest "It" Brit. Hell, he may already be there.

Emma Watson's placement on the list comes as less of a surprise, as I'm sure we all had that moment a few years back (that we surely shared with the Harry Potter producers) when we all realized Watson was somehow evolving into the perfect human right in front of us. Still, she beat out sexy-list staple Mila Kunis, which is pretty impressive.

Empire says they picked her because of her combination of "smarts and beauty." I gotta admit that it was those traits of Watson's that gave me a complex all through high school, so that seems legit.

*It should be noted, however, that Emma Watson does indeed have a perfect face.