'The Avengers' Have A Tough Road Ahead In Teaser

by Alanna Bennett

If you had any doubts the the upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron would be intense for both the viewers and our heroes, take note now: It's not only going to be intense, it's going to be explosive. Case-in-point: The first TV trailer for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron has just hit the web, and it looks like it depicts our heroes in some extremely hot water (in addition to including some lovely shots of Mark Ruffalo's The Hulk, and Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, of course).

We already know the basics of what's landed the Avengers in a big ol' heap of trouble this time around: Tony Stark created some technology (Ultron, that is) that winds up going off the rails...specifically by vowing to destroy all of humanity for the greater good. The Avengers, presumably, respond promptly with "Uhhhh, let's not let that happen," — or, something like that — which cues some epic battles. Add all that to all the stuff we don't yet know about Age Of Ultron(if all the Avengers will survive, how it'll set up Captain America: Civil War , if it'll end with that intro to new teammates, etc.) and you've got a guaranteed drama-fest.

One thing I'm incredibly excited for in this movie: More Black Widow. Every trailer's shown us some pretty good shots of Johansson doing her thing like the badass superhero she is — so, hopefully we'll get a lot more of her (truly interesting) backstory in this film. Hey, if we're not gonna get her solo film any time soon, they've gotta at the very least give us that.

Images: Marvel Entertainment/Youtube