How To Stream The Puppy Bowl Online So You Can See The Cuteness From Every Possible Angle

Like everyone else, you're probably totally tired about hearing about the Super Bowl and Tom Brady. So-called DeflateGate — the NFL's accusations that Brady and the New England Patriots used slightly deflated footballs for an easier grip — has been the obsession of the sports media all week leading up to the Super Bowl, which takes over the airwaves on Sunday. Not to mention the many memes that have filled the Internet — some of which have been pretty hilarious. But if you're not a Pats fan or rooting for their opponent, the Seattle Seahawks, well, then don't fret — your Sunday can still be a Funday by watching Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XI, which will be partially streamed online.

The animal-focused TV network will be airing its 11th edition of little ol' mutts being all cute in a mini-stadium from 3 until 5 p.m. If you don't have access to a TV, no worries — while Animal Planet doesn't seem to be streaming it live, the network will most likely put the special up online after it airs pretty much all day (past years of the Puppy Bowl are hosted on the site). But even before that happens, the Puppy Bowl XI pre-game show is already online and the animal channel is hosting not one, not two, but three behind-the-scenes cams on their website, which will give us all more cuteness than we can handle.

The three cams are currently active so you can stalk — I mean, watch — these furry balls of cuteness as you eat chicken wings and nachos on Super Bowl Sunday.

Puppy Cam

The Puppy Cam promises to take online viewers into the locker room to see the inner workings — and naps — of Teams Ruff and Fluff. This is where you can see the team chemistry of the canines up close and personal. Do they even like each other? What's their strategy? What are their favorite chew toys? Hopefully all of those questions and more will be answered with hours of viewing this cam.

Practice Cam

Want a preview of what the doggies will be up to on the gridiron? Animal Planet says that the Practice Cam will give you a front row seat to watch "adoptable puppy athletes show off their unadulterated skill and cuddliness on the gridiron!" This is where the pre-magic is set to happen, so it's a must-watch for Puppy Bowl fans.

Kitten Cam

If you get tired of puppies, Animal Planet's got you covered with a Kitten Cam, where you can preview all the felines getting ready for the BISSELL Kitty Halftime Show. You might even get lucky and spy halftime star performer Katty Furry rolling around.

Images: PuppyBowl/Facebook; Giphy (3)