Jimmy Kimmel Caught The Deflategate Culprits

This close to Super Bowl Sunday, the only thing on everyone's minds is football, football, football. However, it's not just the Super Bowl that everyone is talking about, football wise. The infamous NFL Deflategate scandal is also sweeping the nation as people, and the NFL, try to figure out exactly who deflated the footballs that the New England Patriots used during the AFC Championship on January 18. Although Tom Brady has denied it, public opinion seems to have convicted him already — so of course it was up to Jimmy Kimmel to find the real culprit. According to him, in times of great high-profile crime, tons of people tend to come forward to confess, and it's true. In fact, Chris Evans and Matt Damon confessed to causing Deflategate in a delightfully hilarious parody video — among other celebrities.

Of course, it's not the celebrities themselves who took credit for the crime. Each adopted the persona of a Pats fan who had a perfectly good reason for having to deflate those balls. Maybe they wanted to call a genie. Maybe they needed to save their nephew's life. Maybe they were just bored. Either way, the important thing is that the world needs to leave Tom Brady alone, because if he was responsible for anything at all then it was for deflating those balls... with his piercing gaze alone.

I don't know what I love more. The fact that Evans appears in the video in the world's fakest mustache with an even faker accent or the part where Damon insists he acted alone and Jimmy Fallon appears to inform him, "Do you know why you acted alone? Because no one wants to act with you." BUUUUURN.

This might not be the real reason behind Deflategate, but it just proves that the Internet, and the talk show hosts, can have a great attitude about just about anything, and find the best way to mock it relentlessly. Check out the video below.