Babies Drive Through Tunnels For The First Time

When you think far back to your first memories of driving through tunnels, it probably involved some sort of mission to hold your breath all the way through for the sake of making a wish. (I have yet to get that pool of Jell-O that I asked for, but I hear patience is a virtue.) You probably can't remember the first time you went through one, though, which is exactly why it is so important that someone thought to immortalize these confused babies driving through tunnels for the first time in a video medley that will leave you in tears.

You know when Hagrid bursts into the island hut where the Dursleys have hidden the family away and is all, "Yer a wizard, Harry"? Harry's reaction is nothing compared to the looks on these babies' faces. They are absolutely confounded by the total darkness of their cars entering the void, even astonished out of temper tantrums (note to self: life hack for future parenting). Then again, after laughing hysterically at a thousand rounds of peek-a-boo in a row, we already knew babies were easily impressed. Here are some of the winning expressions on these tiny human faces:

The "Oh my god, is this the Rapture??" face

The "How much milk did I drink last night?" face


The "I don't even have enough feelings left to spare for this" face

These are just a few among the many winning expressions of these unsuspecting, gobsmacked babies, which are only a slight notch above these babies with painted-on eyebrows. (Messing with your kids is 90% of the reason to have them, right?) Here's the tunnel video below, complete with some enchanting elevator music to set the mood:

Images: YouTube