This Bulldog Singing "You Raise Me Up" Sounds Better Than His Human Friends, TBH — VIDEO

We pet owners are weird people. We invite animals into our homes to lavish attention upon, to form close bonds, and to basically share our lives with. Essentially, we started doing this by just wrangling some critters from their natural environment and releasing them into our apartment with the expectation that they would be thrilled at the opportunity to exist among IKEA furniture instead of running around in the wild. It's weird when you think about it, but I love it. We all love it. Assuming you don't get a total dud of an animal companion friend, you grow to develop a wonderful relationship with them. Your furry pal might even become an Instagram celebrity! The options for fun with your cat or dog or hedgehog are seemingly endless!

And then there's this: This adorable bulldog crooning along with his owners to Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up." Imagine just cruisin' along with your pals—both human and otherwise—and hosting a little karaoke sesh right there in the car. Sounds like a fairly ideal afternoon to me. Also—and it might just be me—but this dog looks like he takes his singing role seriously in such an earnest, hopeful way. Watch his little pink chin turn up to emit a velvety howl to nearly match Groban in the chorus. It's...honestly, better than most people could pull off. I cannot stop watching:

I wonder if I could get my cat to participate in something musical like that. He isn't the most vocal, but maybe he could do something backing like—I don't know—percussion? He certainly likes banging on any closed door enough. I'll keep you guys posted.