Miley Cyrus Actually Wears Less Makeup Now And 5 Other Things We Learned From Her Latest Interview

When Miley Cyrus chopped her long, brown locks, bleached her hair, and began opting for racier fashions, the world may have momentarily stopped turning. She was officially doing way more but apparently with less — makeup, that is. That's right! Miley Cyrus says she actually wore more makeup as a teenager than she does now, despite her more dramatic look.

In an interview with PopSugar, Cyrus discusses a picture she posted to Instagram of a side-by-side image of her at 16-years-old and a selfie of her today. And when asked what advice she would give to 16-year-olds today, including herself, she said "less is more. Chill."

Cyrus said she wears less makeup now, at 22-years-old, then she did when she was 16-years-old (I know, I couldn't believe it either). Now sans extensions, high-heels and the constant feeling of needing makeup on, she says that's "just not reality."

"People are human and people forget that the people on Instagram aren't human and they're not always what they seem to be through a picture."

Cyrus admits that she doesn't want to look like she did when she was a teenager. And she's had leading ladies in her life, like her mom and Dolly Parton, who've helped her understand her personal style. This is refreshing to hear that from Cyrus, since her latest fashion choices have been rather extreme (ahem, pizza onesie — that I may or may not own — in public?) Here are a few other pieces of inspiration I gathered from her interview.

But first — photographic evidence of her transformation!

1. She regrets trying to look older

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Let's just be honest about one thing really quick: Miley Cyrus has always been downright beautiful. But she admitted to trying to look older at 16-years-old. And she regrets it. I used to try to look older, too, at a young age. Especially because I was really petite during my "awkward years." And I do regret it. Being out of school now has truly made me realize how fast the time goes. I wish I would have spent more time enjoying those years rather than in front of the mirror trying different makeup looks. (Did I just turn into my mother?)

2. Less IS More.

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Cyrus said she wears less makeup now then she did six years ago. And she's just as beautiful. Not only is that helping her now, but it will help her skin in the future. Also, she's not longer dressing or looking a certain way to try and meet society's insane standards. She dresses for herself. If that means wearing a onesie in public, then that means wearing a onesie in public.

3. Instagram is Not Reality


I'll be honest — it's so easy for me to look at fashion bloggers or celebrities on Instagram and immediately compare myself to them. Cyrus reminded us that those pictures are not always real and not everyone always looks like that.

4. Miley Has Zits, Too.

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5. Miley's Mom is Hot.


She said it, not me. Cyrus said her mom has never looked like a typical mom — she has tattoos and loves Rock 'n Roll music — and the judgment from other moms or pressure from society has never ended for her. Despite that, Miley's mom doesn't let all that noise get her down.

6. Dolly Parton is Full of Wisdom

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In case you've been living under a rock, Parton is Cyrus' godmother. And, as the best kind of godmother, Parton advises her, "Don't let what's on the outside control what people think about you on the inside."


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