Does Missy Elliott Have New Music Coming Out? The Rapper Has Been Very Mysterious About Her Next Album

As we learned Friday, Misdemeanor will be in the house for the Super Bowl. Missy Elliott will reportedly be joining Katy Perry for the half-time show, according to a source who leaked the news on Jan. 30. Fans of the rapper are undoubtedly excited that she's making her big game debut performance. After all, the half-time show is always a big deal, and it'll be exciting to see how Perry incorporates the hip-hop legend into her routine. But some fans might be wondering if this is a sign that Elliott has any new music coming out.

The last time Elliott released a studio album — The Cookbook — was in 2005, if you can believe that. While she has been featured on other artists' tracks and has taken part in performances with fellow hip-hop queens Lil Kim and Da Brat since then, it's only natural to wonder when we're going to see Elliott go solo again.

Last February, Elliott opened up about her considerably long hiatus to Yahoo!'s The Yo Show, by saying that she wanted to create something special and didn't want to put an album out just because of her fame. “I gotta feel like what I’m giving the fans is 100 percent and that it’s game-changing. I don’t just throw out microwave records," she said. She has confirmed that there will be a comeback, but she has been very mysterious about when that will be. "It's coming, I just ain't telling nobody when," she said.

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During the time of her hiatus, she's certainly put out plenty of teases for said comeback. Back in 2008, she released a teaser single called "Best Best" for an album Block Party that has yet to be released. In 2012, Elliott's friend and collaborator Timbaland promised a solo album for her for June that did not end up materializing. It remains to be seen if her next album will even have that same title, or if it will be something altogether different. That being said, the Super Bowl would be a perfect time for Elliott to begin her strides in her comeback, as long as she doesn't just tease again!

We can probably expect to hear some old hits from the rapper at the Super Bowl performance ("Work It," anyone?), but what about new music? It's unlikely that Elliott, given how tight-lipped she's been in the past few years about her new work, would reveal any new music prior to the performance. But it's entirely plausible that she would choose to do so. After all, stars have certainly used that time in the spotlight to premiere new music before, such as U2 with their song "Invisible" in 2014. And even if she doesn't debut new music onstage, coming fresh off of a big performance like that would certainly set the scene for releasing some new music shortly after.

Fingers crossed that she actually does this time!

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