Which Early ‘00s Pop Star Had The Best Commercial On TV? Here’s Your Official Ranking

When my editor asked if I’d have any interest in rounding up and ranking the best commercials from the early ‘00s featuring a celebrity spokesperson, I immediately began foaming at the mouth. (Was I literally-literally or figuratively-literally foaming at the mouth? The world may never know.) That sort of thing is what I live for. Not only am I a sucker for ‘90s/‘00s pop music, but I have a true appreciation for ridiculous commercials. (Some people have fine wine and literature, I have weird advertisements. Just living my truth.) This assignment had me wrapped around its finger.

I set some guidelines for my search:

  1. The advertisement had to have aired between the years 2000 and 2005.
  2. The advertisement must star a Top 40 pop artist or pop group.
  3. The advertisement must make me laugh at least once every time I watch it.

After I rounded up a handful of terrific commercials that satisfied the criteria listed above, it was time: I had to rank the ads. How can I possibly rank these beautiful, perfect advertisements? I wondered. This will be a most grueling task.

I chugged a glass of water, hunkered over my laptop, and gave the list my best shot. I will share my rankings now.

#9: Christina Aguilera for Coca-Cola

Nick Puga on YouTube

It pains me to rank Xtina last. Reason for decision: As fun as it is, there just isn't enough Xtina in this commercial.

#8: Destiny's Child for McDonald's

I love that the ad features the classic DC track "Lose My Breath", but like the Xtina/Coca-Cola ad, this McD's commercial could use more of its spokespeople. NEEDS MORE DESTINY'S CHILD.

#7: Britney Spears and Jeff Gordon for Pepsi

Vinicius DalCol on YouTube

There are a lot of terrific Britney Spears Pepsi commercials to choose from, so why the heck would I pick the one without the crazy costumes, complicated choreography, or elaborate sets? Because every time I watch it, I cackle like a dweeb when Britney rolls out from underneath that car. It's the little moments in life, ya know?

#6: Backstreet Boys for Burger King

Have you ever wanted to see BSB dance and sing about hamburgers while wearing BK uniforms? Well, have I got the ad for you!

#5: Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff for Ice Breakers Liquid Ice

Oh god. Remember Liquid Ice? I don't know how those didn't catch on. Who doesn't want to freshen their breath with a mint syrup-filled tapioca ball?

#4: Mandy Moore and Michael Strahan for Campbell's

tivids1 on YouTube

Not only do we have the beautiful and charming Mandy Moore, but we also have Michael Strahan. I LOVE MICHAEL STRAHAN. He is theeeee best.

#3: Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson for Ice Breakers Liquid Ice

ashleesimpsonmedia on YouTube

Jessica Simpson's duck face during the massage table scene is exquisite.

#2: 98 Degrees for Herbal Essences

suzi98babe on YouTube

98 Degrees pops out of a poster, washes a woman's hair, and sings about Herbal Essences shampoo. This ad truly is something special.

#1: 'N Sync for Chili's

Kristen Dela Cruz on YouTube

Just how weird is this ad? Well, while the guys of 'N Sync harmonize about Chili's Baby Back Ribs and stumble around a deserted island, a crate falls from an airplane and crushes Joey Fatone. This was the clear number one.