Who's The Killer In The 'Eye Candy' Book? R.L. Stine's Novel May Have Set The Series Up For A Huge Twist

When a high-intensity thriller TV show like Eye Candy is on air, waiting a week for a new episode can seem impossible. Well, impatience got the best of me, and I decided to look up the synopsis of the novel it's based on, and let me just say it has a pretty twisted ending. But after reading what happens, I started to wonder how closely the TV show Eye Candy is following R.L. Stine's book, because the killer in the Eye Candy book would be a complete shock for viewers of the TV show. So who is the killer in the book? Spoilers ahead: That would be Ann-Marie, of course.

HOLD UP, right now you're probably wondering who Ann-Marie even is. Honestly, answering the question of who the killer is in the Eye Candy book is much more complicated than just one name, but technically, the person who tries to kill Lindy is Ann-Marie, one of her roommates. Are you freaking out right now? I'm freaking out, so let's freak out together. Roommate = Sophia on the TV show, and so does that mean that Sophia = killer? Well, I don't know if we should jump to that conclusion so quickly, because there is a chance that the show is not going to end the same way.

I know, I'm taking you on a ride of emotions, but bear with me. In the book, one of Lindy's suitors — if you will — turns out to be going on these murder sprees, killing women because they remind him of his mom. The thing is, he's actually not killing the women, he's only imagining he is, because he's very mentally unstable. However, that character isn't really on the TV show. So if the voiceover that we hear is one of the guys that Lindy is dating, he might not actually be a killer.

But on the TV show, we know that there are actual people being killed because of the news and, you know, dead bodies the characters are finding. So the book's idea of "the stalker is crazy all along" doesn't really hold much ground for the TV show.

Back to Sophia. So in the book, Ann-Marie tries to kill Lindy because she feels like Lindy is trying to steal her boyfriend, Lou. Wait a hot second, Sophia doesn't have a boyfriend, does she? NOPE. So that kind of eliminates the need to have Sophia sabotage/ attempt to kill Lindy. Plus, even though Sophia is Lindy's roommate on the TV show, Lindy actually has two roommates in the book, one of them is Ann-Marie, the other is Louisa (who works at a bar). So it's possible Sophia is modeled after the Louisa character more so than crazy Ann-Marie.

Plus (this is the real kicker, you guys), in the episode where Lindy is drugged at her birthday party, the stalker says in his voiceover, "I wish we could finally talk in person." OK. So, that might mean that Eye Candy the TV show is going in a different direction completely. And I'm kind of counting on that, since I now know the plot of the book, and I still want to be surprised by the MTV series.

Images: MTV; ElizabethGilies/Tumblr