What It's Really Like To Be A Stock Model

Stock photography is discussed far less frequently than its more glamorous counterparts, but Lucky magazine recently tried to change that by interviewing a stock photography model to figure out what it's really like to pose for those (sometimes very awkward) photos and to ask, well, what is it that makes those salads so darn funny? Just kidding, they didn't ask that — but they should have!

Lucky sat down with 25-year-old actress and TV host, Faiven Feshazion, to get her take on what it's like to be a stock model. Why does she do it? Because modeling for stock photography is a simple job that sometimes comes with a smallish paycheck, but can often lead to other, more interesting work opportunities.

If you don't know, stock photos are the images you sometimes see at the top of articles or featured in advertisements. Picture: a girl holding a pair of dumbbells with her hair down (because we all know that's how we work out) or a guy smoking a cigar and holding a wad of cash (OK, so maybe I do that one everyday).

What makes stock photography different than model photography, aside from how awkwardly the images can turn out, is what happens after the pictures are taken. The models sign away all rights once they're done and have no clue where their likeness will end up or what they'll be promoting. Think: The Friends episode where Joey found out he was the poster child for STD's, an extremely apt example that the Lucky article gives.

The interview, which you really should read in its entirety, because it's super insightful, inspired me to look at stock photos with a new, more discerning eye. I gathered a list of models in particularly bizarre images whom I would love to interview myself — mostly to figure out how they heck they wound up in certain compromising positions.

If you're reading this and you see your face, please contact Bustle, ASAP!

Those Green Glasses, Doe...

Starting off a little tame, this is actually a cute picture. I'm just confused as to why the bright green glasses were necessary. My thoughts on what this could advertise: When a bee bit my tongue, I also lost my eyesight. Be smart. Bring repellent when glamping.

Throwback to the '90s

Let's analyze what's happening here. This woman, judging by her posture and hand on her head, is obviously distressed. Personally, I'm distressed seeing the prints together and that chunky, home telephone in her hand.

Just. No.

First of all, please don't forget there was a third person here. The man on the floor (obviously) did not take this photograph. And if he does take a picture, every woman reading this is fully aware that it would be the least-flattering picture ever. I can only imagine the art direction going on here...

Leave Her Alone, She's Dancing

I am a frequent fan of the solo dance party. If a girl I dislike get's voted off The Bachelor: dance party. When I convince the Dairy Queen sales associates to make my Blizzard with chocolate ice cream: dance party. But because I saw this picture, I will never want to dance party by myself ever again. I'm going to always want her dancing with me.

Edward Cullen Meets Fruit

The first thing you may notice is this guy's gorgeous, Edward Cullen-like eyes. Unless you were me. Then the first thing you would notice is the XS child's shirt he is wearing. The only question I would ask him: Did you at least get to eat that orange?

Even Stock Photography Uses Photoshop

This woman's waist was obviously digitally altered. Not only is her head wider than her stomach, but her skin looks completely plastic. I must say, however, that the wind is a nice touch.

Swimming in the $$$

This is actually what my daily baths look like, so there's really nothing to see here.

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