Jennifer Lawrence & Adele Are BFFs In The Making

by Kenya Foy

Due to the fact (yes, fact) that Jennifer Lawrence is a total charmer, recently she's been busy racking up new celebrity pals left and right. When J. Law crossed paths with Kim Kardashian, the 24-year-old Mockingjay star made sure to confess her love for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which means there's only a matter of time before Kris Jenner approves her admittance into the family as an honorary member. Knowing Jenner's business tactics, that's probably quite the lengthy process, so it's a good thing that Lawrence is exploring her other celebrity BFF options by reportedly going out to eat with Harry Styles and Adele. And as if one meal with the stars wasn't enough, supposedly Lawrence and Adele dined together again on Thursday in Beverly Hills.

Perhaps they prefer hanging out together over the 3FFness of a Styles, Lawrence, Adele combo, which sounds cute, but I imagine it's a bit difficult to discuss the nitty and the gritty of major girl talk in the presence of a boy band member. They probably tried to work a little bit of it into the convo, but I suspect that plan backfired because why else did they wind up throwing olives at random people? Whatever the case, I have to say that I am all the way into an Adele and J. Law friendship (no shade, Harry).

Here's why you should be too.

J. Law Could Take Vocal Lessons From Adele

This could work because J. Law hates her singing voice.

J. Law Could Recommend Adele For The Final Mockingjay Soundtrack

Personally, I think this gesture is an acceptable form of payment for J. Law's vocal lessons. Also, Adele would be a shoo-in for the final Mockingjay soundtrack because she won an Oscar for her James Bond song "Skyfall." Make this happen, ladies.

They'll Be Like The New Gwyneth & Beyoncé. Kind Of...

See? They're already halfway there.

Adele and J. Law's friendship seems to be pretty new, but I still see a ton of bonding and girl time ahead for these potential BFFs.

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