Harry's BFFs with J. Law & Adele — Seriously

Get ready for your mind to totally explode, and in the best way possible. While everyone in Hollywood was distracted by the SAG Awards and the Sundance Film Festival, much more wonderful things were happening in LA. Don't believe me? Over the weekend, reportedly Harry Styles, Jennifer Lawrence, and Adele got together for lunch — yes, all three people I'd invite to my fantasy dinner party — and proceeded to shoot the breeze and throw olives at passersby. No, really. This is a thing that happened in reality, according to Page Six, at least. Apparently, the motliest crew I've ever heard of was grabbing food at a restaurant called Craig's and were "laughing, having an amazing time, being loud and throwing olives at people walking by."

First of all, I have so many questions. Number one: Why wasn't I invited? Number two: Are we actually sure this happened? Because it sounds like some sort of (awesome) celebrity fan fiction to me. Number three: How the hell do these people know each other? I mean, obviously their paths would've crossed at some point, but all three of them? What a wonderfully random selection of the earth's finest human beings. Did Jimmy Kimmel organize this? Were there hidden cameras?

And obviously, since they were having so much fun, I can't help but wonder what the lunchtime discussion was, although I do have a few ideas.

Planning A World Tour

Now that Lawrence is a full fledged pop star after the ridiculous "Hanging Tree" remix hit Top 40 radio, she's totally qualified to become a musician — and maybe the next step in her career is hitting the road. The order of succession here would be Lawrence opening for One Direction opening for Adele, and ticket sales would be at an all time high. They could charge $500 a pop and I wouldn't even blink as I handed over my credit card.

Getting A Tattoo Consultation

If you're going to get a tattoo, Harry Styles is the guy you want to talk to. He has zillions of them. By this point, he has to know what kinds people would generally regret, where the most painful spots to get tattoos are, all the good shops... he's basically an expert.

Lawrence Was Practicing Her PGA Speech

If you haven't seen it, you need to. It was amazing, and everything I love about Jennifer Lawrence in one perfect speech.

Adele Was Interviewing Babysitters

We may never actually see Adele's child, but that doesn't mean he doesn't exist, and he's already two! Maybe homegirl's looking for a live-in nanny and decided to start with her friends. Styles would make the best manny ever. I'm not sure if I would trust Lawrence with my kids, though, because who knows what I would come home to? I'm not saying they wouldn't be safe with her, I'm just saying I might find one hanging from the ceiling fan by her diaper.

Images: Giphy (3), marcelozzz/Tumblr