12 Gifts To Give Yourself For Getting Your Period, Because You Deserve More Than A Box Of Tampons

When that oh-so-special time of the month rolls around, it can put even the best of us in a funk. You don’t want to get dressed, you don’t want to go outside, you might feel fat, and you kind of want to strangle people. We've all been there — but has anyone ever given us a present for it?

Luckily, there are a lot of affordable options to make your period more bearable. Buy them for your best friend and win friend of the year — or better yet, just buy them for yourself.

Clue App

A period tracker is a useful tool not only for preparing for your next period, but also for keeping track of your side effects when you have it. Clue uses an algorithm to more precisely calculate your unique cycle. It’s easy to use, and the design isn’t super girly, so you won’t feel annoyed when you open it.

Clue, Free, iTunes

Harebrained Underwear

These period panties are fun, comfy, and remind everyone that you are simply not in the mood. Each pair is a brief style with a black inner panel to hide stains.

Harebrained Underwear, $12, Harebrained Design

Heat Pack

Cramps are probably the worst part of the menstrual cycle. A heat pack is a quick way to reduce discomfort of the lower abdomen or back pain. Just pop it into the microwave for instant relief. It also works as an ice pack.

Heat Pack, $18, Etsy

Jogger Pants

Sweatpant or pants? We say, both. These have the comfort of an elastic waist, but aren’t as sloppy as those oversized sweats you like to wear to bed. Jogger pants are still on trend for spring — and are perfect for staying comfy during the most uncomfortable time of the month.

Loose fit pants, $18, H&M

Box of Chocolate

Professor Lupin was right; chocolate does make everything feel better. Dark chocolate has been found to soothe feelings of stress and anxiety, and it also helps improve your mood. A simple gift box or chocolate bar is a sweet gesture to help your friend feel better. (Or better yet, buy them for yourself.)

Boxed Chocolates, $6, Lindt

Stress Ball

It may seem old-school, but a stress ball is actually quite effective when used regularly. It’s even more fun when you’re squishing a rubbery ball of Darth Vader’s head. Use your hands, or the Force, to relieve any pent-up stress.

Darth Vader Stress Ball, $10, Think Geek

Lavender Candle

Lavender is great for relaxation. One whiff and you’ll lower your blood pressure and heart rate, allowing you to relieve stress. Extract all the goodness of lavender extract in a scented candle. It’s inexpensive and is beneficial to your well being.

Lavender Vanilla Candle, $22,50, Bath and Body Works

Moodrunner App

Keep track of your mood swings with this simple app. Moodrunner will track your diet, stress, and energy level through the course of your period to help determine what your symptoms will be like the next time around. The app will also keep track of when your next menstrual cycle will occur, so you don’t have to.

Moodrunner app, $3, iTunes

Thinx Underwear

If you’re frustrated with panties lost to the crimson tide, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. THINX undies are leak-proof, stain-resistant, and wick away moisture. Even better, every purchase of THINX will support a girl in a developing country by providing her with reusable cloth pads. Just think, a stress-free period for you will provide sanitary pads to a girl in need.

THINX underwear, $24-39, THINX

ASMR app

You know that tingling sensation you get when you experience something relaxing? That’s known as ASMR. Now, there is an app that compiles the top ASMR artists from Youtube to your smartphone! Hello, good night’s sleep.

ASMR 5 app, $4, iTunes

Desktop Punching Bag

Being stuck in a stressful workplace when you’re not your best self is no bueno. A punching bag should do the trick. Picture whoever is getting on your nerves and whack away.

Desktop Punching Bag, $19, Amazon


If you’re tried of spending money on sanitary products that leak, break, and leave your panties ruined, then it’s time to try something new. From the company who brought us Divacups, Lunapads are make your period a lot earier to bear. Just change out the top liner, swap for an inerchangable pad, and go about your day!

Lunapads, $14-24, Lunapads