Will Fish Mooney Become A DC Comics Mobster On 'Gotham'? There Are Plenty To Choose From

Now that Gotham's made it pretty clear that Falcone will never trust her again, will Fish Mooney join another crime family? I know it's more likely that the show would just kill her, since it's hard to keep a movie star like Jada Pinkett Smith on a weekly network show in a tiny recurring part rather than a splashy huge starring role. As much as I'd like to see Smith on billboards all over town mocked up as though Fish Mooney is on every magazine cover, the show has a lot of characters that are more important than Fish at the moment.

The gangsters on Gotham just can't get along, which give those of us in the audience plenty of questions about who they will kill, who's going to take over the city, who's going to whack whom... it's a complicated web of lies, treaties, broken promises, kept promises, and assassination attempts. But even though Carmine has kicked Fish out of his inner circle, you know what, there's more than just the Falcones and the Maronis to choose from. And while those families figure heavily into the origins of Bruce Wayne, there's plenty more that come afterward, so if Fish were to start her own organization, it's possible that it could grow into a recognizable family.

There are a few different crime families around Gotham City, and they'd be lucky to have a storied gangster like Fish (or, I guess, Marie Mercedes) on their payroll.

Boss Rupert Thorne

Rupert Thorne is Gotham City's biggest smuggler, who helps to fix mayoral elections and place phony police commissioners. He's yet another generic bad guy who loves money and sitting in clubs smoking cigars while his goons do all the work. I can totally buy that Fish would become a smuggler, but it's not too exciting to imagine how that would turn out.

Matches Malone

Thorne is also known for working with "Matches Malone," an arsonist whose identity was borrowed by Batman to gain information. I'd love to see Fish, who already has an alias, actually get out on the streets and do some ground level bad guy stuff. "Matches" already has the double "M" thing going, like Fish's real name.

Member Of The Red Hood Gang

The Guy on YouTube

The Red Hood Gang were a group of criminals who were responsible for the creation of the Joker. If Fish is out of a job with Falcone, she could be desperate enough to join a bunch of low-down thieves. And the Gotham producers have already decided to include the Red Hood Gang, so they might be looking for an established character as an entry point into the gang.

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