What Should A Non-Fan Wear To A Super Bowl Party?

Tomorrow is the day, and the only question that remains is this: Are you ready for some football? If the answer is yes, then slip into your chosen team's jersey, prep your vocal chords for a night of passionately arguing with your opponents, and remember not to drink too much booze because when reality sets in, you will actually have to get up and go to work in the morning (hopefully with winning pride rather than losers shame). If, by chance, you are not ready for football, at least you have Katy Perry, whose halftime show will reportedly include Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliot and a lion or two. Superbowl 2015 is here, and while the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks lace up their cleats (and some slip into their Uggs) in preparation to take the field and our screens at 5:30 p.m. EST, fans are chilling their beers and stirring their guacamole for the most infamous, undeclared, American holiday.

While the game itself most definitely comes in first place, the commercials are the runners-up, and following closely behind are the parties that keep fans well-fed and gives people who could care less about the game a way to keep themselves occupied until halftime. If you are the fan type, it is totally acceptable that you will be choosing to deck yourself out in your team's paraphernalia. But, if you're looking for something a bit alternative, or just want to be comfy while you Google the latest Marshawn Lynch meme or GIF, here are some looks to get you into the game-day spirit.

The Nonchalant Patriots Fan

Seriously, who wants to don an all-out, red, white, and blue outfit in February?

The Not Quite Ready to Commit Seahawks Fan

You love the team, but not necessarily by choice. Either you've grown up knowing that's who you should root for, or your significant other is a die-hard fan, so you feel obligated.

The Music Fan Who's Just Here For Katy Perry at Halftime

You might get a few confused stares when you walk in the room, but just remind them that they have salsa on their jersey and that their team is losing, and you will officially win that moment.

The Friend's Who's A Guest of a Guest

You're here for the free guacamole.

Images: Getty Images (1); Polyvore/Bustle