5 Super Bowl Snacks Your Party Needs

Well what do you know! It's Super Bowl Sunday, y'all, aka your time to shine. Because regardless of whether or not you're a football fan, you're definitely a food fan, and this year, you're coming to the party with a winning menu strategy that's going to leave everyone speechless. No run-of-the mill nachos or wings for you — you're getting creative with your Super Bowl appetizers. You're cozying up to your deep frier (well, like, metaphorically speaking... don't hurt yourself OK?). You're coming up with new flavor explosions of awesomeness, and you're adding bacon to everything. And OH, Bite It, possibly the most creative food blog in the universe, is going to show you how. Regardless of team affiliation, we're all in this together, got it?

If you aren't following OH, Bite It's genius on the Internet, you're missing out. Pizza with grilled cheese crust, deep-fried cake batter, cinnamon roll tacos — nothing is off limits on this blog, which specializes in dreaming up drool-worthy concoctions that are, yes, a little over the top, but also so insanely simple and good, you wonder why no one else hadn't already come up with these amazing ideas in the first place. As blogger Amy adds as a disclaimer on her site, "if you’re easily offended by looking at crazy calorie filled creations, this may not be the place for you."

Which is why, as you're putting the finishing touches on your Super Bowl spread, OH, Bite It is your new best friend. She's rounded up her top party picks, and they're all a home run (wait, wrong sport?). Forget nachos and cheese — she's whipping up loaded totchos topped with bacon and jalapenos. A huge fan of meatballs? Make them better by wrapping them in bacon. And yes, we're serving beer at this party... in the form of deep-fried Guinness. Yup, things are gonna get a little intense.

According to OH, Bite It's Amy, the key to throwing a successful Super Bowl party is to serve things that are easy and bite-sized that don't involve a ton of prep work. So while warm hot gooey lasagnas are great and all, you're better off choosing simple sliders or jalapeno poppers for your football fete. "When it comes to entertaining, little bites and easy-to-eat food is the best, especially for football because you don’t want to be fumbling with a plate and fork and napkin," Amy tells Bustle. "This way, you can just pop something into your mouth."

And if you're in a pinch 20 minutes before guests are supposed to arrive and you have absolutely no clue what to serve? Take a deep breath, and remember one, beautiful little word: Bacon. "There is nothing you can do to bacon that will make people hate it," Amy says. "It’s a win all the time. You can never go wrong. You can wrap whatever you want in bacon and people will love it."

And on that glorious note, check out OH, Bite It's top picks for Super Bowl snacks no party is complete without. Happy munching!

1. Sticky bacon meatball bites

Bacon and meatball in one finger-lickin' good bite?! I refer you to our cardinal rule: Always. Add. Bacon. This recipe also comes with an amazing apple butter and brown sugar glaze, and should be number one on your list.

2. Deep-fried Guinness

What's a party without beer? OH, Bite It puts a super sweet twist on this favorite, bringing Angel food cake and powdered sugar into the mix for a surprising but powerful flavor combination. You're going to want to try this recipe.

3. Pizza-stuffed mushrooms

As long as you were going to serve pizza and mushrooms at your party anyway, you might as well combine the two into one freaking awesome recipe that will get people way more excited than any old football game.

4. Totchos

You heard me correctly — I said totchos. Not to be confused with the way more boring alternative, nachos. Crispy tater tots add another dimension of flavor to this dish. Topped with bacon, cheese, and spicy jalapenos, this recipe is winning all over the place.

5. Fried habanero poppers

Guys? These things are hot — so handle this recipe with care! If you're looking to kick things up a notch, you gotta try these fried habaneros. A cream cheese and cheddar dip helps to take some of the heat off, but if you're worried these are going to be a little too much for you or your guests, swap out the habaneros for jalapenos instead.

Images: OH, Bite It!; Giphy