Helen Mirren Rides The NYC Subway In Style

I don't know about you, fellow city-dwellers, but when I take public transportation in the wintertime I tend to look like an elf swaddled in the contents of the entire Macy's outerwear section. There's the puffy coat, the two scarves, the wool hat with a pom-pom on the end of it, combined with the fact that I am five feet tall and always shivering, even in, like 60 degree weather. Usually, my fellow MTA patrons don't seem to fare much better, style-wise. But on Friday, Helen Mirren hit the NYC subway in style, putting the rest of us mere mortals to shame.

One lucky Instagram user snapped a photo of the legendary actress, whose been known to ride the subway with the Normals from time to time, sitting across from him on the R train. Not only was her posture pitch perfect, her winter bundling game was on point. Mirren wore a heavily textured coat with an elegant furry collar, black stockings, little drop earrings, and — get this — LAVENDER GLOVES. She also balanced the most gorgeous handbag on her perfect lap and displayed a truly fashion-forward cropped 'do.

Oh yeah — and she totally turned up her nose at the obnoxious manspreader beside her who obviously didn't realize that he was airing his balls out in the presence of royalty.