The 'SNL' Teacher Snow Day Rap Will Make You Wonder What Really Happens When School Is Canceled

Move over "Twin Bed," you have an Saturday Night Live rap competitor. On Saturday's show, SNL showed us what really happens when school is canceled for a snow day, when students are at home and teachers have a huge party at the school. It's truly a "when the cat's away the mice will play" situation, and now viewers might be wondering, is SNL 's snow day rap right? Do teachers turn into destructive "thugs" on snow days?

Students might think they are the winners in a snow day situation, but that is heavily questioned from SNL's most recent rap. Teachers in the Saturday Night Live sketch might seem like your average art, gym, history teachers, but when it snows, the boxed wine comes out and so do the recreational drugs. Like, what? In the sketch, the teachers partied like they were a scene in Wolf of Wall Street, with coke, nudity, weed... the only thing missing was Leonardo DiCaprio.

Things got pretty destructive without the help of the principal, played by this week's host J.K. Simmons, but once he pulled up in his bad ass minivan, it was over. He might be the principal that students dread running into during the school day, but on snow days, he is a welcomed party guest — plus, he wears absolutely nothing from the waist down.

Even though it might be hard to imagine your 8th grade teacher Mrs. Anderson getting down with her bad self on her day off, do we really know what happens behind closed doors? Students, you might think snow days are all about you, but you're not the real winners... You're just someone who has another 24 hours to procrastinate working on that essay on the War of 1812.

Images: Dana Edelson/NBC