Jade Hasn't Told Chris About Playboy On 'The Bachelor' But It Really Doesn't Matter

By this point, everyone should know that Jade from The Bachelor was in Playboy. If you didn’t know that well now you do and some people may be wondering why she hasn’t brought it up on the show. The answer is quite simple. It’s really not a big deal and it’s not like she’s hiding it from farmer bachelor Chris Soules, it’s probably just not important enough to bring up this early. I'll bet that if Jade gets far enough along on this season of The Bachelor, she will bring it up and talk to him about it and my guess is that he honestly won’t care because everything about Jade Roper is pretty much awesome.

I’ve predicted before that Jade probably won’t win over Chris Soules in the end, but not because of her or her Playboy pics. This girl's career is way too awesome to give up to go to Iowa and become a homemaker. Still, things are definitely starting to gel for Chris and Jade, as last week's episode proved when they went on the most romantic date ever.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened" Chris’ sisters came in and chose a girl for Chris to take on a one-on-one date. Obviously, they picked Jade for a romantic fairytale date with the farmer. (And yes, it was ridiculously obvious that the new movie Cinderella paid for every second of that date.)

But all that romance and still no honesty? Well, the girl has a few good reasons for holding off for the moment.

It Doesn't Really Matter

So she appeared in Playboy? So did thousands of other people. That doesn’t in any way, shape, or form make her less worthy of Chris or any less awesome. If anything she should be celebrated for owning her body. I bet when she does tell Chris, he will not care because it’s really not a big deal.

Their Date Was Too Romantic

When exactly was she supposed to bring that up Playboy to Chris? On their super romantic date sponsored by a Disney movie? It’s all about timing and that was not the time to talk about it (not to mention, Disney would have lost its mind). I mean, imagine them slow dancing with that 20-piece band and all of a sudden she says, “Chris, I got naked for Playboy one time.” That would really fit the Cinderella theme — um, no.

They Barely Know Each Other

Last week was Jade and Chris' first date and if she continues on the show then I'm guessing she will bring it up, but that doesn't mean that she should bring it up right this second. There is a thing called "being in the moment" that's kind of essential to those first few dates.

So yeah, Jade was in Playboy, and to that I say: Good for her. She'll tell Chris when she feels she wants to and that's really all that matters.

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