Sarah Silverman's Super Bowl Commercial With Chelsea Handler Pokes Fun At Her Pot Habit — VIDEO

It’s of no surprise that comedian and actor Sarah Silverman is a big fan of marijuana — she talks about her love of ganja quite a bit, even going so far as to show off her vaporizer on the red carpet of last year’s Emmy Awards (that’s one way to make an award show not so boring, and it fits perfectly in a clutch!). On this day of advertising Olympics, Super Bowl Sunday, Silverman is poking fun at her pot habit in a brand-new Super Bowl commercial with fellow funny lady Chelsea Handler. In the spot, made for T-Mobile’s new Wi-Fi calling feature, the comedians show off just how crystal-clear their reception is all while doing a range of tasks in their respective mansions.

Handler dons a pink leotard and figure skates in her basement, lounges in her subterranean petting zoo (llamas included), and even crawls under her house with a friendly rabbit (maybe?), all with clear sound and nary a dropped call. Silverman’s hobbies in the commercial include standing in her trophy room (with only one trophy to show off, of course), hanging in her underground baby delivery room (it’s a boy!), and tending to her lush, basement-level hydroponic kale garden. Let’s take a look at the spot:

Hmm… I don’t know anything about growing kale hydroponically (that is, using a mineral-rich nutrient solution in water, but with no soil), but I do know it’s used to grow pot. It’s OK, Sarah — we all know what’s in your stash. What we don’t know at the end of the commercial is Handler’s top vice — perhaps she’s a secret figure-skating fiend?