Gisele's Patriot's Jersey is Too Good

I think this gets the award for the most adorable Super Bowl jersey (and best Super Bowl hair, but that one was a given). Gisele Bundchen instagrammed a Super Bowl selfie, and Tom Brady's gorgeous wife had equally gorgeous Patriot's gear on — a crystal jersey. She's making football all kinds of chic.

Bundchen snapped a selfie on Sunday ahead of the big game to show support for her quarterback husband, clad in a purple New England Patriot's jersey (number 12, of course) with sparkling crystals all over it. The supermodel looked fierce, posing with her mouth open and blonde hair waved and messy (but oh, so shiny. ) She wore minimal makeup, and looked flawless, but immaculate face and enviable hair aside, I just can't get over that jersey. I mean, I'd wear that if it wasn't the Super Bowl. (Might get some strange looks, but you know, all in the name of fashion). I love that she kept it simple and basic; a football jersey is a football jersey, you can't mess with that, but she did bring her own personality to it, and the result is undone beauty. Bundchen captioned her post, “Are you ready?!?! Let’s go Pats!!!!! ‪#‎superbowl‬."

Whether the Pats win or lose tonight, Tom Brady gets to come home to this. Guy's a winner either way.

Images: Getty Images; giseleofficial/Instagram