Katy Perry's Super Bowl Shark Proudly Uses Gig As Pick-Up Line On Tinder & He Deserves All The Fish In The Sea — UPDATE

UPDATE: The Washington Post investigated the mysterious identity of Katy Perry's dancing sharks and discovered that Tinder Garret wasn't a Super Bowl shark at all. Gawker adds that he was supposed to appear in the show, but Perry replaced him and a companion with two of her own guys at the last minute — presumably some time after his Tinder tease. Whether that makes his Tinder game stronger or weaker really depends on your own personal opinion, but one thing's for certain: this was still the best pick up line you could ever use on Tinder. I just wish it was true.

Any living, breathing human knows who the real stars of the Super Bowl Halftime Show were, and it wasn't Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, or even Missy Elliott. No, the two plush dancing sharks during the Super Bowl Halftime Show were the real standouts of the entire night, quickly becoming Internet sensations. (Especially the one shark who had no idea what he was doing during the one part. You know which one. You know which part.) And it turns out that, according to UPROXX, one of the sharks, named Garret, knew of his soon-to-be stardom and used his then upcoming Super Bowl halftime role as a pick-up line on Tinder. No, really.

One Reddit user posted a screenshot of a conversation with dorsal-finned Garret from Tinder, and, if these two still aren't talking post-Super Bowl, then that's a real loss for all involved. The part of the conversation where Garret drops the "I'm in the Super Bowl halftime show" wasn't included in the screenshot, but we can only imagine it was done with great honor and pride. From there though, he cheekily says "I am the shark." PERIOD. He is one with the shark.

Then there's also the part where he says "You'll see," which is so ominous that, if I were the Tinder user interacting with him at the time, I would have probably thought he was crazy. However, talk about a jaw-dropper once the performance was underway. I'm also really intrigued with the official title of Garret: "onstage prop cast." Um, more like "onstage breakout star," but that's just my crazy opinion.

Garret, may you find love wherever you look, for you have instilled love in all of our hearts.