What I Would Have Worn To Harry's 21st Birthday

We all have those moments during every day when we zone out completely and find ourselves dreaming of scenario that is wildly, wildly unrealistic. For me, sometimes it's that I'm hanging out on a tropical island while Jamie Dornan serves me chicken nuggets. Other times, it's that I'm on an all-expense paid shopping spree with Carrie Bradshaw and we're talking about how, "Yes, it is possible to own 5,000 pairs of Manolos and be a freelance writer." You get the idea. I'm a dreamer. Today, when I hopped online and saw that Harry Styles had a 21st birthday party Sunday night and apparently invited every celebrity that walks the earth, my first thought wasn't, "Oh, well that looks like a good time." It was more like, "BUT WHAT WOULD I WEAR IF I WAS INVITED?" Because why not?

What can I say? I like to prepare for events that quite literally will never take place. Real life? Meh, not so much. But Harry Styles' 21st birthday party? Absolutely. Naturally, because this is more like a dream sequence and less like real life, I would also be magnificently wealthy, so there will be no budget to these options. First rule of daydreaming: Do not limit oneself to normal standards. Think bigger. Think Net-a-Porter. And not the sale section. The world is your very, very expensive oyster. But enough talk and onto the clothes— here are 9 pieces I would have worn to Harry Styles 21st birthday party, you know, had I been invited.

1. Something Super Casual

The whole party looked super laid back and casual, so maybe I'd go and try to play it cool. "Oh, you know, I'm just wearing a denim dress because this whole shindig is really not that big of a deal to me."

House of Holland Distressed Denim Dress, $385,

2. Something Bohemian

Like a very stylish breeze, I will simply float into the party in my wildly expensive (yet boho) designer dress and make friends with all the famous people. Adele, is that you?

Stella McCartney Dress, $5,160,

3. Something Sexy

This one is self-explanatory, yes?

Haney Holly Wrap-Effect Dress, $1,290,

4. Something Flat-Out Weird

I mean, what other party is more ideal for bizarre outfits than Harry Styles' birthday party? The kid is the definition of weird, and it totally works for him. So why shouldn't I go for it?

Stella McCartney Superhero Jumpsuit, $1,945,

5. Something Girly

Because someone has to represent Taylor Swift at this party, guys. I volunteer as tribute. Maybe this skirt with a simple white T-shirt?

Vilshenko Reda Skirt, $915,

6. A Cool T-Shirt

You know, paired with distressed (but expensive, of course) jeans and a general attitude of "I don't need to get fancy for celebrity parties."

Moschino T-Shirt, $250,

7. A Giant Hat

Do I really need to explain why this would be a good move? Also, I would wear clothes with the hat, to be clear. But then again, this is a dream sequence so maybe not. Dream me does what she wants.

Biltmore & Madewell Fedora, $75,

8. Rings on Rings on Rings

Because I feel like Harry and I could swap jewelry and that could be fun.

Saint Laurent Boite Silver Ring, $1,095,

9. Something Metallic

Because if I'm going to a member of One Direction's birthday party, I want to be shiny, OK? This skirt with the Moschino T-shirt, please? OK.

Altuzarra Metallic Sequin Skirt, $5,400,

Images: Courtesy Brands