Comeback Queen Missy Elliott Shows Us All How To Work It — Come Tracksuits Or Double Denim

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It all happened so fast. We knew it was coming, but once the beat from "Work It" started bumping, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott took the stage during Katy Perry's killer Superbowl Halftime Show on Sunday, and reminded us just how cool she is, was, and always will be. From the aforementioned "Work It," to "Get Ur Freak On," to "Lose Control," Missy pretty much dominated the dance floors of the early 00s, giving us all some fantastic fashion moments in the process.

Be it her penchant for Adidas tracksuits, her bold accessorizing, or her ability to pull off a gigantic trash bag, the rapper inspires with a personal style that perfectly encapsulates the fearlessness of her music. To deem Missy's fashion "unconventional" would prove a gross understatement. Because throughout her time in music, Missy has bucked all trends — creating her own trademark look in the process. Whatever she wears... well, she can work it.

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