Where Can You Buy The Door Frame From 'Friends'?

It's easy to lust after Monica's periwinkle blue apartment on Friends , and wish that one day the real estate gods will bless you with something similar. The truth is, they probably won't: based on the incredulous amount of floorspace the apartment would've cost approximately $14,000 a month, a casual $7000 if you split the cost between two roommates. Good luck paying for that on your waitress salary. However you CAN incorporate a little slice of the show into your every day life with the yellow frame that was perpetually on the door.

If you go to Ebay, a user is mass-selling a slew of reproductions for $40 a pop. On Etsy, reproductions are crafted. But maybe you're looking for a more frugal option? Allow me to suggest some alternatives.

Handmade Yellow Peephole Frame, $39, Etsy

You could get a poster of the yellow frame for $14 and have that work as a surrogate. Or, if you're really tight on cash you can download and print a far smaller (as in, standard printer paper size) poster of the frame for $3.99.

And if you're a true hardcore fan? You can purchase this yellow frame key chain for $29.99 (plus $10.15 shipping and handling). That way, you can carry your love for Friends on the keys to your shitty studio apartment in Bed-Stuy. It'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. And the cockroaches rise from under your floorboards. I love New York!

Image: NBC; Giphy