The "Lose Control" Music Video Is A Masterpiece

Yes, the Patriots won Sunday night's big game, but Super Bowl XLIX didn't just belong to New England. Super Bowl XLIX belonged to Sad Commercials. Super Bowl XLIX belonged to Dancing Sharks. Super Bowl XLIX belonged to Glittery Fascinators. Super Bowl XLIX belonged to Foot Fungus. And Super Bowl XLIX belonged to Missy Elliott. When Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott took the stage toward the end of Katy Perry’s delightful halftime show, everything felt right. Missy melted our faces with “Get Ur Freak On,” continued to melt our already melted faces with “Work It,” and then melted the melted puddle of face with “Lose Control”.

So, how does one come down from such a spectacular, face-melting performance? By watching Missy Elliott videos on YouTube, that’s how. But I didn't stop at watching the vids. On this fine post-Super Bowl Monday afternoon, I decided to dig into one of Missy’s greatest music videos. And that would be the "Lose Control"/"On And On" video.

The Dave Meyers-directed vid made its TV debut in 2005 and features appearances from Ciara, Fatman Scoop, and Tommy Lee. Ciara and Fatman Scoop appear on the track, so their being in the video totally makes sense. Tommy Lee, however? Not on the song. But hey, no complaints here. His cameo is aces. This entire video is aces.

Every time I hear this song or watch the music video, my body moves involuntarily. I can't help it. I just... lose control. Here are the moments from the music video that make me — do I even need to say it?

When the best first scene of a music video in the history of music videos begins

When the dancing commences

When Missy makes sand look really, really hot

When Missy magically rises up out of the sand

When Missy dances as she magically rises up out of the sand

When Missy kicks a bunch of sand in the air because why not?

When Missy works it out

When Missy and the dancers kick the video to the next scene

When all of the dancers do a bunch of high knee moves


When the only moment from the video that feels very 2005 happens

When Ciara hits the camera with this look and reduces all of us to a pile of ashes

When Ciara and the dancers slice the sky with their arm choreo all while being stuck to a wall

When this dancer makes this face

When Missy shows off her amazing sleeves

When Ciara and this dancer bump crotches

When the tempo slows down but the dancing doesn't stop

When someone pops out of a smoke-filled trashcan

When that someone is Tommy Lee

When Missy defies physics

When Missy continues to defy physics

When Tommy Lee starts flying

When Tommy Lee and Missy show off their magic skills

If there was a Grammy for Song/Music Video That Always Puts Kristie Rohwedder In A Great Mood, "Lose Control" would win every year. What a masterpiece.

Images: Atlantic Records (23)