8 Things From the 'Will & Grace' Pilot You Probably Never Noticed

We live in a nostalgic age of pop culture, my friends — one in which we crave cast reunions and plead for TV show revivals, desperate to do anything we can to bring our obsessions back to the forefront of everyday life. I mean, who hasn't yearned for a Friends reunion or salivated at the thought of a Full House movie? However, one show in particular that I've found myself missing quite a bit lately is none other than NBC's long-departed sitcom Will & Grace. It's been well over eight years since this iconic series has been on the air, and yet I still find it to be just as hilarious and enjoyable as ever before. In fact, it even inspired me to sit down and re-watch the Will & Grace pilot, which proved to be extremely enlightening.

Granted, it takes every series a little bit of time to find its footing, but there were several things that I picked up on throughout the first episode that I'd never noticed back when it originally debuted. Honestly, it was like watching the show with a brand new pair of eyes, already knowing what our four core cast members eventually grow into. But since the series isn't readily available for streaming (seriously, can you work on this, Netflix?), I've decided to go ahead and list everything that I discovered for your viewing pleasure.

Here are all the things you may have missed from the Will & Grace pilot the first time around:

Will's Hair Is Super Long

I mean, just look at those luscious locks! I'm so used to seeing Will with short hair that this completely threw me off, but I kinda love it. Seriously, someone get this guy a fan to stand in front of ASAP.

Karen's Voice Is Totally Different

Believe it or not, Megan Mullally actually speaks in a her regular voice for the pilot episode without her trademark high-pitched tone. Of course, she still proves to be an amazing character right from the start, but it's an extremely noticeable difference nonetheless. She's just not Karen without that voice.

Grace Had a Dog?

During a poker game with some of Will's buddies, Jack asks Grace if she knew right away that he was gay when they first met, to which she responds, "My dog knew." Granted, she was saying this to make a point, implying that it was very, very obvious to her that Jack was gay. However, it seems weird for her to reference her dog if she didn't, in fact, own one. And yet there's never any mention of it again.

Jack & Karen Don't Know Each Other Yet

These two went the entire first episode with no interaction at all. That feels illegal, especially since we all know just how perfect their chemistry is together on-screen. Let's just say I did not like living in a world where these two don't know each other.

The Intro Is Meh

I know the show was just starting out, but was this really the best you could do? Come on now.

Coiled Phone Cords Were Still a Thing

Remember when if you wanted to talk to someone, you had to remain stationary? Good times.

Karen Doesn't Drink

At least not on-screen, anyway. One of Karen's key characteristics is her ability to chug alcohol on an hourly (sometimes minutely) basis. But in the pilot, she's completely sober. Sure, she references popping a few pills near the end of the episode, but as far as drink goes this girl is completely dry. Pretty crazy, huh?

Will's Hallway Gets a Makeover

Notice that solid wall where a hallway normally continues on to the left? Apparently that wasn't the original set up the writers had in mind during the beginning stages of the show. Either that or Will's apartment building undergoes some serious reconstruction without us realizing it. But let's face it — no construction in NYC is that stealthy.

Images: NBC, Wifflegif (4); NBC [screen grab] (3); thebigpixture/Tumblr