Who Is 'Agent Carter's Dottie Working For?

When she was first introduced, we all knew that Dottie on Agent Carter was probably up to something. It's not like Peggy Carter needs a whole slew of girlfriends to hang out with on Friday nights. Dottie moved into the apartment right next to Peggy, and during last week's episode she stirred up a whole lot of trouble. It seemed that out of nowhere, she became a fighting master — and yes, even managed to stop Peggy from actually being tracked down by Leviathan (though maybe that wasn't Dottie's intent). However, those crazy Black Widow moves that Dottie pulled out seems to suggest that Dottie's a Black Widow herself. But if she is, what side is Dottie working for? That is, if she's even working for anyone.

Instead of keeping the whole, "Who's Dottie?" mystery dragged out over many seasons (ahem, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Skye), executive producer Michele Fazekas came right out and told IGN that she's "a product of the Black Widow Program." Speculation over! We can all go home now, I guess?

But no, of course there's more to this story, and the fact that Dottie is a Black Widow only raises a million more questions. We always associate the term "Black Widow" with the one and only Scarlett Johansson because she has so far played that character through the course of the Marvel movies. But, there's actually more than one Black Widow. It is really, in super simple terms, a sleeper cell organization of fiercely trained young women, usually from Russia. While Natasha Romanoff might be the final outcome for the program, Agent Carter is showing its beginnings with Dottie. "The fact is, the great and exciting thing for us is we're showing the precursor to the Black Widow Program, as you will see in the upcoming episode," Fazekas explained. While this is awesome — because the world can never have enough highly skilled and trained female assassins! — now it's time to look towards the greater mystery behind Dottie, and that's who she's reporting to right now. She appears to have been trained by the U.S.S.R., but is she still operating underneath them? Is Agent Carter really going to drag Russia into their limited eight-episode run? Dottie can't be working for Hydra, because they don't fully exist yet. It wouldn't be so crazy to suggest that she has ties to Leviathan. However, Dottie currently has a dead Leviathan agent (Mink) underneath her bed. So it might be safe to scratch them off the list too. All signs seem to point towards the fact that she is simply working for the U.S.S.R. — like the early days of Natasha — and considering Peggy is headed off to Russia in Tuesday's Agent Carter episode, that might be our answer.

Here's a crazy idea: could Dottie be working for no one? Think about that fight with the Leviathan agent — while she destroyed him, yes, something seemed a bit off. She's fascinated by the gun, and she wants it. She seems to snap in and out of a day dream-like state at the drop of a hat. I think Dottie was in fact working for someone — whether Leviathan or a fledgling Hydra or the U.S.S.R. or whoever — but they released her because they couldn't control her. Now she's a free rogue agent, but that's not a good thing either. Mostly because she's living next to our girl Peggy. And has a gun. And still, that dead guy underneath her bed.

So whether a woman living by her own means, or has instructions coming her way from a head honcho overseas, Dottie seems to have set her sights on Peggy. What will Miriam say about these fights happening in her hallways? Image: Bob D'Amico/ABC