'Shark Tank' is Going To The Dogs With Fresh Patch

by Ariel Kay

There are pretty much no downsides to owning a dog. You get to play with them, cuddle them, and put cute pictures of their faces all over Instagram. In return, they give you unconditional love. See: no downsides. But, if there was one thing dog owners would say is the worst part of sharing your life with canine companions, it would probably be walking them. No one likes taking time out of their day to go stand in freezing temperatures, all so they can pick up their dog's poop and dispose of it. Well, you may no longer have to do that, if you get your hands on Shark Tank 's latest product pitch, Fresh Patch.

Fresh Patch is kind of like a litter box for your dog. Every week or two, the company will deliver to you a 16-by-24-inch patch of live grass, which you can place anywhere inside your home. You train your dog to do its thing on the patch, which absorbs liquids and odors through its root system (though you do have to dispose of solid waste yourself). At the end of the week, throw out the old grass once the new piece arrives. This product can be used for training puppies to "go" on grass (instead of your floor), or for elderly owners who have a hard time walking their dog every day. Here's a video of the Fresh Patch in action.

I have to admit, to me, making sure your dog gets exercise and goes outdoors every day seems like an important part of having a dog, and I can't really imagine keeping a urine-soaked chunk of sod in my living room. But there are cases where the Fresh Patch could be useful, like if your pup is sensitive to extreme weather or you can't bring your pet outside for any reason. So if you're interested in ordering Fresh Patch, here's what you need to know.

How Can You Order It?

Fresh Patch is easy to order directly from its website. The company ships everywhere in the contiguous United States, so you can potty train your dog no matter where you live. The grass ships out from California once a week, on Mondays, and gets to the East Coast by Fridays.

How Much Does It Cost?

One patch, which is suitable for a dog up to 25 pounds, costs $29. If you subscribe to the company's weekly plan, the price goes down to $25 per patch, and the bi-weekly option costs $27 per patch. Fresh Patch comes in a cardboard box, but if your puppy likes to chew, or if you want your dog's personal bathroom to look a little more stylish, the company sells a protective wooden frame in oak or pine for $47 each. If all this sounds like a lot of money to shell out so your hound can pee in style, well, you're right. But there is an upside: Fresh Patch offers free shipping (!) on all its products.

Will The Sharks Go For It?

How could they resist that face? In all seriousness, people love their pooches, and will spend ridiculous amounts of money to make sure their pets are happy and healthy. Plus, Fresh Patch is already a very viable business, with delivery systems operational in 48 states. The Sharks might have a winner here.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; GifSec; Giphy; LoveThisGif