A Lisa Vanderpump Jewelry Collection & A Stassi Schroeder Statement Necklace Line? It's A 'Vanderpump' Showdown

One of my favorite recurring motifs on Bravo programs Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules is whenever Lisa Vanderpump takes someone new on a tour of her palatial dream closet. Oh, to be so lucky to walk through Lisa Vanderpump’s closet and see that table of sparkling jewels with my own two eyes! Oh, to hold one of Lisa Vanderpump's exquisite necklaces with my own two hands! Well, it looks like my dream can be somewhat realized: There is a Lisa Vanderpump jewelry line. According to CNN.com, "the collection fuses inspirations from her own jewelry collection as well as her extensive global travels." Sounds perfect. The Vanderpump Estate Jewelry Collection will make its debut Valentine’s Day weekend during EVINE Live's broadcast at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

No, it isn't the same thing as wearing the reality star/restauranteur's actual diamonds, but the Vanderpump Estate Jewelry Collection is probably as close as I'll ever get. And I can't wait for the unveiling. Without seeing a single item, I already know I want everything. You've looked at her housewares line and pet accessories line, yes? You're aware of her flawless and glamorous style, yes? Then you know to expect greatness from Vanderpump Estate Jewelry Collection.

Vanderpump isn't the only jewelry designer linked to Sexy Unique Restaurant; Stassi Schroeder's line of reasonably priced statement necklaces is available for purchase over at Shop Prima Donna's website.

Well, I'll be. Looks like Vanderpump is SURving up some competition! A little Vanderpump Rules sparkle showdown! BLING IT ON. Duuuude, I love that both of the maybe-ex-friends are throwing their tiaras in the jewelry selling ring.

My wish: Vanderpump and Schroeder put their differences aside, team up, and launch a joint jewelry line. Oh, but my wish doesn't stop there: I also want a Vanderpump Rules spinoff (yes, a spinoff of a spinoff) that documents Vanderpump and Schroeder going into business together.

The name of this show I made up in my head? Oh, it's so easy: Vanderpump Jewels.

Images: bricesander/tumblr (2)