Who Is Scottie Mullen On 'Gotham'? Harvey Bullock's New Love Interest Is No Fish Mooney

Well, I guess absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder after all — at least not in this city. During Monday night's episode of Gotham, we saw a Harvey Bullock utterly smitten with a woman by the name of Scottie Mullen. She was a phobia support group counselor whose patients were being picked up by "The Fearsome Dr. Crane," and Harvey was all too happy to assist her in the case. It was basically love at first sight, at least for him, and culminated in him shamelessly hitting on her while sharing his phobias at the support group. But who is Scottie Mullen? And, more importantly, does this mean Harvey and Fish Mooney aren't a real couple after all?

Scottie, played by Maria Thayer of Accepted fame, seemed completely unaware that she had a killer in her midst. The Fearsome Dr. Crane was, in fact, "Todd" from the support group. When he pretended to have an emotional breakdown and run from the room, leading Scottie to follow him, Harvey soon realized that they had been gone for way too long, though he arrived too late to save her from being kidnapped. While he did manage to save her from her ultimate fate, leaving their relationship open to continue for the next few episodes, I can't help but wonder exactly what her place on Gotham is.

The thing is, Scottie has no comic book counterpart, at least not directly. Googling Scottie Mullen turns up absolutely nothing from DC Comics, or even Marvel Comics. It seems that Scottie is a wholly new invention for the Gotham series, which makes her role as Harvey's new love interest pretty suspect. After all, as we saw at the tail end of last episode, he and Fish have a "thing" so obvious that even Jim could see it before the audience did. Does that mean that Scottie is just a flavor of the week or is Harvey going to develop real feelings for her and be forced to choose when Fish inevitably returns to Gotham City?

According to an interview that Donal Logue, who plays Harvey, did with Comic Book Resource, "And there's a cool episode with this woman, Maria Thayer [who plays Scottie Mullen] — Bullock falls in love, and with someone other than Jim Gordon." Apparently, Harvey's feelings for Scottie are real. Which could mean that his feelings for Fish weren't real? Maybe they're just good friends who happen to kiss a lot? I have no idea what's going on anymore, you guys. All I know is, I'll be 'shipping Harvey and Fish until the dawn of forever. Sorry, Scottie Mullen.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX