Harvey & Fish Are Dating?!?!

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, OH MY GOD. All right, all right. So when Jim Gordon mentioned that Harvey Bullock had a thing for Fish Mooney during Monday night's episode of Gotham, you might have thought it was a throwaway line or just simply Jim being kind of a jerk. However, the last ten minutes of the episode revealed that it wasn't just bluster and friendly ribbing — Harvey and Fish have actually been dating for an undetermined amount of time. I mean, I assume that they're dating. Why else would she have kissed him like that and told him that she was leaving town for a while? Why else would Harvey have looked at her with that soft-eyed stare? Why else would my heart be cracking into a million tiny pieces? Why else?

See, the thing is, watching Gotham isn't much fun for 'shippers. Barbara Kean has single-handedly ruined both her relationships with Jim Gordon and Renee Montoya, making it practically an impossibility to 'ship either couple. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are the obvious choice, but they're both children — and we all ship Batman and Catwoman a lot more when they're older and makin' the babies. That leaves Ed Nygma and his one-sided crush on Kristen Kringle — which, no. Creepy. Beyond creepy. Now we have Harvey and Fish, who are literally the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I mean, come on. They're star-crossed lovers! He's a corrupt police officer who is slowly become less and less corrupt thanks to his partnership with Jim Gordon. She's a gangster with a heart, who protects what (and who) is hers with fierce tenacity and deep affection. And they're in loooooooove. We only got about three minutes worth of a glimpse into their relationship, but already I'm thinking back upon all of their interactions and dying to see more of them in the future. I mean, they're so close that Fish has trusted Harvey to track down Butch in her absence. We've seen how much she loves Butch, and how determined she is to do everything herself.

The noteworthy thing is that Fish has trusted anyone but Butch at all. Now, I'll admit that I was worried about my girl Fish when she was run out of her own club, and it looked like Butch was going to die to enable her to run free. At this stage, he's her only friend left — and who can take Gotham alone? Not even Penguin managed to do it without a little help from some unwilling friends. However, now that we know her relationship of mutual benefit with Harvey is an actual relationship, it's a guarantee that Fish will be back and better than ever. Harvey and Marie Mercedes forever.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX