Bobbi Kristina Brown Had Drugs In The House When She Was Found, According To A New Series Of Disturbing Rumors — UPDATE

While there have been very sparse, if any, updates on the health of Bobbi Kristina Brown after her hospitalization on Saturday, it hasn't taken very long for people to start speculating and guessing the worst. Brown was found unconscious in her bathtub at home, in circumstances that tragically emulated the death of her mother Whitney Houston, though, thankfully, Brown had no signs of being intoxicated at the time. She is currently in a medically-induced coma, but the cause of the state she was found in has yet to be revealed. Naturally, all kinds of rumors are flying, including a particularly disturbing report from TMZ that, according to alleged family sources, drugs were found in Brown's home during a second, more thorough search by the police.

(Update: According to the lawyer of Bobbi Kristina Brown's father, Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon were not legally married.)

According to TMZ, "Law enforcement sources [say] they believed from the beginning Bobbi Kristina ended up face down in a bathtub as a result of drugs." And that's an incredibly damaging statement, because it's far from the only pseudo-explanation being offered for Brown's condition while the family is requesting privacy and the police are keeping mum about the details of the investigation. One tabloid is reporting that a friend present while Brown was found in the bathtub has a criminal history, while another reports that Brown left Houston's entire fortune to her husband as a possible lead.

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While I understand the need to find an explanation for this sudden and unexpected tragedy, not only is it too soon for this kind of speculation to be running wild but it's also incredibly insensitive to the difficult time the family is already having as they wait for Brown to recover. If the word has not come from an official statement released by the family or by the police department investigating the incident, then treating it as a legitimate theory on the events in question is wrong. There are no such thing as legitimate theories about this right now. There is only a huge gap of information that we don't have the actual facts to so much as guess about, and lending credence to every new rumor helps rather than hurts.

Instead of forming a theory and twisting the evidence to match, we should wait until we have the evidence and use that to form a theory. All we know at this point is that Brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub and is currently in the hospital fighting for her life. Sending well-wishes her way and her family's way is a better way to spend our time than attempting to explain the mysterious circumstances in which she was found all by ourselves, without knowing the details.

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