The "FourFiveSeconds" Video Is Here

If you were waiting for a crazy epic collaboration, this is it. Less than two weeks after releasing her latest single featuring Kanye West and the legendary Paul McCartney, Rihanna has officially dropped the music video for "FourFiveSeconds," and it's shockingly unlike anything she's ever done before. The video, which is done is black and white, is calm, stripped down, and features only McCartney's guitar as the backing music.

It appears to take place on a single set consisting of just a white background, and features only Rihanna and West during their respective verses, and then, toward the end, McCartney is there with both of them — more screen time than he got in West's "Only One" video, huh? Hopefully, this song won't send the masses to Twitter wondering who the former Beatle is and hoping he thanks West for the life changing big break he's been waiting for like the last one did. Will there ever be a time when that's not funny?

There's no autotune, no special effects... in fact, Rihanna's barely even wearing makeup. It's kind of striking how different this is from Rihanna's previous music videos, but in the best way possible. If this is the direction her style is going, I'm on board.

Take a second and watch her other music videos for comparison. In "Where Have You Been," Rihanna's a pirate, surrounded by shirtless guys. There's nothing wrong with pirates or shirtless guys. I like both of those things, and they're what we've come to expect from the visual representations of her music. However, it's clearly nothing like the new style she's working with. Rihanna's obviously super talented, and it's good to just hear her voice and have little else to distract us in the video. It makes me want to send her the clapping hands emoji. Well done!

Stripped down, simple, and a lot of denim: I think we've officially found Rihanna's best look. Since she'll be performing this song at the Grammys this Sunday, I'm hoping that the performance follows suit. Fingers crossed!

Image: Rihanna Vevo/YouTube