'Sleepy Hollow' Officially Renewed For Season 2, Rejoice!

Sleepy Hollow's only been on about three weeks, but the FOX series already moved past pleasant surprise status to become one of the coolest new dramas of the fall. A kick-ass lady of color in the lead with her Revolutionary War-era sidekick? Sign me up. It seems enough people have agreed on Tom Mison-starring show's worthiness, because the network has officially renewed Sleepy Hollow for a second season.

Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane will be stuck together for a little longer — thank god, because we love them together and they should hold hands and maybe kiss I mean what who said that – taking on the George Washington-predicted apocalypse together and probably making just tons of jokes about modernity along the way.

Sleepy Hollow premiered to great ratings with 10.1 million viewers that first night, and dropped only the expected amount in the following two episodes.

In celebration of the renewal, we would like to point you to this wonderful fan art by the always awesome Noelle "Gingerhaze" Stevenson, in which Abbie takes Ichabod shopping for skinny jeans and it goes just about how it seems like it would.

(You can see more of Stevenson's work here, and buy it here)

Image: Fox