Proof Rihanna Always Delivers A Crazy Music Video

Over the weekend, Rihanna was gracious enough to quench the Navy's undying thirst for a new video when she teased a clip of "FourFiveSeconds" featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney. The simplicity of the song, the video preview and the promotional shots indicated that she planned to take another direction with her music and her look when it came to this song — and, sure enough, that's just what happened. After watching the full video for "FourFiveSeconds," it's apparent that the R8 era will feature a completely toned down, understated Rihanna.

Don't get me wrong — Rihanna's obviously hasn't lost any of her edge and her unparalleled level of badassery will likely never be called into question. But, when I hear her say she's "four, five seconds from wildin'," I just expected her to convey that sentiment a little bit more than she did in the video for the song. Like, maybe she could've offered a subtle scowl, or even one of those menacing smirks she's perfected. Instead, the only time anyone even appears to be on the verge of "wildin'" comes during Yeezy's scenes.

So, to make up for the lack of "wildin'" in this music video, here are 6 times when Rih Rih actually convinced me that she was four, five seconds from going all the way off and I feared she wouldn't make it back home by Monday:


This entire video, I was waiting on her to go all Twilight and suck someone's blood. She was pretty scary, but she just barely held it together.


Here, Rihanna was barely stable, but somehow managed to make seething and sulking look beautiful.


Armed with a gun and an edgy look, this Rihanna was only one second from going off.

"What Now"

Rih's jerky choreography suggests that she consulted with Lorde before filming this video. Either way, she did a very convincing job of looking like she was about to lose control.

"Cheers (Drink to That)"

Bartender, don't give Rih Rih another round because she's about to lose it — in a good way.

"Russian Roulette"

Writhing around in a padded room is a clear sign that Rihanna's about to become completely unhinged.

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