When Oliver Returns To Starling City On 'Arrow,' He & Team Arrow May Have A Tense Reunion

Fans are still rejoicing knowing that Oliver Queen is alive on Arrow, despite seemingly dying in the midseason finale. While I hoped that we would see Oliver resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, the explanation we got on Arrow is kind of boring. Tatsu, better known as Katana to comic book fans, claims that Oliver survived his fatal injuries thanks to some cold weather and his strong will to live. Sure, bro. Maybe we'll get a more satisfying explanation in the future (Lazarus Pit, please). But when will Oliver's heroes and friends in Starling City find out he's very much not dead?

Stephen Amell told Variety that when his character finally returns to Starling City in the Feb. 11 episode, he and the rest of Team Arrow will have trouble adjusting to the many changes that have occured. "“It’s rocky…Because all of them, when I’m gone, have to decide if they’re doing this because it was for me or if they’re doing this for them," he said. "So me coming back and just being dictatorial and ‘my way or the highway’ is just not going to work."

It's been interesting to watch the other heroes develop in Oliver's absence, especially Laurel taking on the mantle of Black Canary. The show is taking its time showing Laurel develop into a badass Black Canary. Although she still isn't anywhere near Oliver's level and hasn't been training that long, seeing her gain the signature "Canary Cry" like her comic book counterpart would definitely give her some leverage when it comes to her burgeoning career as a superhero. But let's be real, even some superpowers wouldn't make Oliver happy about Laurel deciding to be Black Canary.

In his interview with Variety, Amell flat out said, “Oliver doesn’t want Laurel to be the Black Canary at all. He doesn’t want her out there."

Sucks for you ,Oliver, but you don't run Laurel's life. She's going to continue to don the black leather and be Black Canary whether he likes it or not. But what about the other people in Oliver's life? Will his duel with Ra's make him a bit more forgiving to everyone around him? While it will definitely be intense when Oliver reunites with the other heroes of Starling City, I can't wait to see the gang back together.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW (2)