Who Is Lesli On 'Pretty Little Liars?' She Might Know Something Huge About Mona's Death

To say that Pretty Little Liars'new episode was kind of random would be an understatement. First, the series never even touched on the big question of whether or not Mona's body is in the barrel. I mean, that's kind of important and we just spent two weeks on that question, but nope, not important on Tuesday. Then there was the fact that Mike Montgomery might be 'A' because why not throw his name into the ring. And, last but not least, PLL introduced a new character from Mona's past, leading us all to wonder who is Lesli Stone and why is she in Rosewood?

Now, we knew that Lesli was coming to PLL— well, at least, we knew that Lesli existed in the PLL universe thanks to Mrs. Vanderwaal. But we'd never actually met her and we'd never actually heard anything about her aside from the fact that she was supposed to come to Rosewood for Thanksgiving dinner. Obviously, that didn't happen but on Tuesday night, Lesli arrived and she revealed a creepy detail about Mike and led Hanna straight to another clue related to the Bethany Young case.

Personally, I feel like Lesli seems shady and kind of morbid. But that doesn't mean I have any intention of taking her little detail and Mike might've been the last person Mona spoke with before she died lightly. And if Lesli and Mona were are close as she suggests, she might know more than her fair share of details about Mona and Mike's mysterious relationship and whether or not Mike was dating her on Ali or 'A's orders.

But anyway, back to Lesli seeming totally shady because, really, Mona didn't seem like the type to have friends all over the world. Even are her prime popularity, Mona hardly had a huge posse. So where is this Lesli person coming from? And why is she arriving now while the girls are in the thick of trying to figure out who killed Mona and where they're hiding her body? Unless Lesli is Mona's version of Cece Drake and she's come out of the woodwork to guide the liars towards answers and check up on how they're doing without Mona. It'd make sense if the theory that Mona's secretly alive somewhere out there is actually true.

There's no coincidence in the fact that Lesli showed up just when Mike started to seem like he's really jumped over to the 'A' side. These two things have to be related and maybe, just maybe, Mona's still got her eyes on what's happening in Rosewood and she's officially sent in the reinforcements.

Image: Pretty Little Liars/Facebook