Todd & Joe's Fight On 'Little Women: LA' Is The Latest Development In The Ongoing Christy Vs. Terra Feud

Another Little Women: LA fight to add to the ongoing tally of the escalating Terra Vs. Christy fued. Now their significant others are involved, as the preview for this week's episode of Little Women: LA shows Joe and Todd got into a physical fight at an event. We've seen Joe and Todd fighting verbally for a while now, but this is the first time it's come to actual punches. Joe is pretty ornery and isn't very sweet to anyone, while Todd is always ready for a fight, which you probably need to be if you're married to Christy.

The argument, as most of the arguments on Little Women: LA do, started when Christy decided to stir the pot. She happens to be friends with one of Joe Gnoffo's ex-girlfriends, a fellow little person named Lila who met both Christy and Joe at different "conventions," or events for little people to get to know one another.

Lila certainly isn't shy — she was willing to talk at length about her sex life and romantic life with Joe. The two met when she was only 13 years old, and fell into what was then a very passionate romantic relationship. She describes that they supported one another through many surgeries and other emotional hardships, and were in love. And while they eventually broke up, they rekindled their relationship more recently and had sex. While it didn't turn into anything serious (maybe because Lila said she didn't have any orgasms... yikes, Joe), it was still a serious connection of some kind, and Lila seemed very excited at the idea of reuniting. Watch the clip below.

Not exactly the most neutral person to add to a social gathering. And Christy's insistence that this will be "no big deal" is a bit unfair. There's a difference between growing comfortable with being around your exes and being surprised with the appearance of one.

But despite how Lila's continued communication is making Joe uncomfortable, he and Terra are pretty cruel to her, calling her a "ho" and a "psycho" because... she had sex with Joe? I get that it's not easy to deal with an ex, but come on, there's no reason to make things worse by loudly insulting the totally polite woman. As always, Tonya and Erik (Traci's husband) are the two coolest heads in the room, and they both jump in to stop Todd from attacking Joe, but it's not enough.

Are Joe and Todd getting along now? Considering their history, I doubt it, and when the episode airs live, we'll get to see Joe, Terra, Christy, and Todd live Tweet the whole thing, breaking it down.

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime