Beyonce & Jay Z Might Move To L.A. & Make "Empire State of Mind" Impossible To Listen To Without Crying

Say it isn't so!!! Hova may be forsaking his Brooklyn roots for a life in sunny California. Reportedly, Beyoncé and Jay Z might be moving to Los Angeles, meaning that New York would be losing three of its top people — Blue Ivy's included, obviously. Do the lyrics of "Empire State of Mind" mean nothing to them?!?!

As TMZ reports, the Carter family is putting plans in motion to move out to the West Coast. Bey and Jay have allegedly enrolled three-year-old Blue Ivy in a toddler program at a chichi L.A. private school. Not sure what sort of classes are taught in upscale pre-school (Elementary Mandarin? Fundamentals of Arabic? Maybe she'll learn to play the ocarina?), but the site is reporting that lil' girl Blue has been admitted to begin mid-year. In the meantime, Bey and Jay are reportedly mansion-browsing in the Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel-Air neighborhoods, but they supposedly haven't had much luck so far. It would appear that even with all the money in the world, real estate shopping is still a royal pain in the keester.

As far as their motive for going West, it could be for the schools. Then again, probably not. They'd definitely send Blue to a pricey private school no matter where they live, so this can't be a legitimate reason. Perhaps they're aching to be closer to their dear friends Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Meh, that's not it either. Maybe the Big Apple has just gotten, as the Californians would say, too agro .


According to TMZ, Beyoncé and Jay Z are looking for a "change in lifestyle," which I'm guessing is code for nicer weather, fewer grumpy on-foot commuters, and more months of exclusive rooftop pool club action. The Carters reportedly spent last summer in L.A. (and I guess they fell in love with it), but they've supposedly been living in the same Tribeca loft for years. According to Complex, Jay Z bought the property in 2004, and it's believed that Beyoncé moved in with him after they got married in 2008.


I can't fault them for craving a less intense city vibe, but it doesn't diminish my sadness at the prospect of them moving away. Even if Beyoncé is a Houston native, Jay Z is a born-and-raised New Yorker. This is a MAJOR LOSS, people!! I wish them well in all of their endeavors, but I just hope they don't become the kind of East Coast expats who move to Southern California and ONLY want to talk about kale, veganism, and yoga. Or wait... That's totally happening already.

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