'Judge Judy' Without Dialogue Is Hilarious

As we all know, the world will never experience a sass deficit as long as Judge Judy exists. We should never forget to occasionally pay respect to her lace-collared brand of flawlessness by lingering on the show when we are flipping the channels at 2PM on a Tuesday when we're home sick from work. That being said, with all due respect to her sass, it's Judge Judy with the dialogue removed is weirdly hilarious, and somehow, even more compelling than the original.

I'm not going to lie: Without sound, this video achieves some shockingly blatant levels of sexual tension. I don't watch House Of Cards but I did happen to be glancing over my parents' shoulders that time when the show's notorious threesome began (yes, it was an awkward moment for all of us, and I quickly fled the room), and the energy in a silent Judge Judy court room is reminiscent of that moment, and so much more. The plaintiff and the defendant were appearing to argue over a car loan payment, but you would think that they were telepathically reading excerpts of Fifty Shades Of Grey to each other, the way they were all smirking and side eye-ing all the while.

If anything, this video proves that there truly is a fine line between love and hate, and also that Judge Judy is the queen of everything because whatever she said to solve this case, she did it faster than it took for me to physically get myself out of bed this morning. All hail the sass-master, who still manages to strike fear in the hearts of America without uttering a sound:

Images: YouTube