Police Are Investigating A New Theory In Her Case

As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains on life support in a Roswell, Georgia hospital, police are investigating the hazy circumstances surrounding this shocking and heartbreaking ordeal. At the moment, authorities are supposedly looking into the possibility of an eyewitness at Bobbi Kristina Brown's house on the day she was found unresponsive in her bathtub last weekend. I can't imagine how her family must feel.

According to a source who spoke with E! News, the Roswell County Police Department has started questioning local businesses about suspicious strangers in the area on Saturday morning, when Brown was found by her boyfriend Nick Gordon (popularly believed to be her husband) and rushed to the local hospital.

"[Police] were asking if they saw anyone jump the wall behind the house, or if anyone was seen leaving the area," the insider told E!, "But no one recalled seeing anyone or anything suspicious. But the cops also were looking for video."

Authorities have reportedly obtained video surveillance from a local bank and will analyze it for clues. Although Brown didn't betray any signs of being intoxicated at the time she was found, it is rumored that the detectives on this case believe drugs may have been involved.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm no detective, but it seems that the sinister implication with a possible eyewitness is that someone fled the scene and neglected to call 911 before Gordon showed up. Meaning that, if this is true, someone could have gotten Brown medical help quicker. Then again, if an eyewitness exists, there would also be someone to question about the events, and hopefully find out more about what happened.

Sure, it's natural to read into every new piece of info about this scenario (as I am doing right now, clearly). The sudden hospitalization of such a young person is confusing and heartbreaking, and one way of coping with the horror of this situation is to try to understand how it went down. For now, it's best not to draw any conclusions about what the authorities are looking into, because it's their job to investigate every possible scenario. Rather than speculating like crazy, we should focus on supporting Bobbi Kristina's family and hoping for her recovery.

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