Comparing ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer To Original ‘Magic Mike’ Trailer Proves This Film Is Definitely Bigger & Steamier Than Before — VIDEO

I hope you're lying on your fainting couch already, because the trailer for Magic Mike XXL debuted today, and it is every inch a drool-inducing one and a half minutes. With a name that belies big expectations, you have to wonder if this film will truly be as gratuitously filled with eye candy as the first. Of course, I had to do quick comparisons of both trailers juuuuust to be sure...

The original Magic Mike trailer is framed like a rom-com that just HAPPENS to be about a male stripper. Ladies, you can feel guilt-free about watching this film about muscles in motion because it's actually a sensitive film with depth and layers. Which, to be fair, is something the film absolutely has. Really, it's more of a dramedy with lap dances if anything.

The trailer for Magic Mike XXL doesn't bullshit you. It knows that you're here for the greased up men and biceps upon biceps. Moreover, it seems like the plot (because, oh yeah, there IS a plot somewhere in here) is like a reversal of the original. Back then, Mike was trying to make himself into a legitimate furniture maker and leave behind his life as a stripper. Here, there's a yearning to return to his old ways. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!

Check out the trailer below, and then look at our brief comparison between the original 'Magic Mike' and this double-the-muscles, double-the-fun iteration.

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2012: In this dimly-lit venue, we're introduced to Mike, your average hard-working man.

Just your standard beefcake cop, nothing we haven't seen from Channing before.

2015: In this dimly-lit venue, we're re-introduced to Mike, your average hard-working man.

Just your standard beefcake furniture craftsman, nothing we haven't seen in our sexual daydreams about being married to Channing before.

2012: Plot twist! This oiled up Adonis is actually a male stripper!

The expression implies that he may be just a tinge resentful of it.

2015: Plot twist! This oiled up Adonis used to be a male stripper!

The sexual dance moves imply he may just miss the job a little bit.

2012: Magic Mike and his friends are essentially owned by charismatic strip club owner Dallas.

Matthew McConaughey in a leather vest? Alright alright alright...

2015: Magic Mike and his friends are owned by NO ONE.

Well, okay, I can't speak for all of them but Mike is definitely a free man. #yolo

2012: Oh hey, glimpses of Joe Manganiello spinning around a woman on his crotch.

Looks AND class.

2015: And here's some whipped cream ejaculation.

It's a high-end film.

2012: You may get a glimpse of shirtlessness.

Blink and you'll miss it.

2015: You will get shirtlessness almost exclusively.


2012: Aw, this movie looks like it could potentially warm my heart.

Look at their adorable banter! It's like we're in a Nora Ephron film.

2015: This movie looks like it could potentially give me a heart attack.

It is not the film that has deep 2 a.m. conversations about your dreams; it's the film that screws your brains out all night and then never calls.

2012: "Am I Magic Mike right now talking to you? I'm not my lifestyle."

He reassures his casual love interest.

2015: "Nice to meet you, I'm magic. Magic Mike."

ROLES. REVERSED. It looks like there may be trouble in paradise between these two, ladies, time to sweep in.

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