J. Crew Is Selling Sequined Bridal Shorts Because Apparently That's A Thing Now

If you're a too-cool-for-bridal bride, J.Crew is about to steal your hipster heart. The preppy chic retailer has recently debuted a pair of sequined bridal shorts that will look so perfect with your wedding crop top, wedding Stan Smiths, and the wedding PBR you'll be sipping as you groove down the aisle to MGMT.

Once upon a time, I worked in a wedding gown boutique as a bridal consultant, where I spent my days helping blushing brides-to-be have their Say Yes to the Dress moment. And among the sea of classic lace and traditional tulle there were still the brides who needed to believe that they were being unique and throwing off at least some conventional norms.

But brightly colored Converse instead of rhinestoned heels, Great Gatsby-inspired drop-waists, or ombre bridesmaid dresses stop seeming unique after you've seen them all a dozen times — and sorry, but exclaiming "I'm saying yes to the dress!!!!!" when you're not shopping at Kleinfeld's doesn't make you quirky, either. Turns out I may be a little jaded when it comes to 'conventional' wedding ideas, so when something comes along that makes cynical old me stop in my tracks, you know it's gotta be surprising. These J. Crew Bridal Shorts definitely fit the bill.

J. Crew's spring 2015 bridal lookbook revealed a slouchy pair of hand-stitched and sequined athletic shorts among their usual gauzy bridal fare, and they're perfect for your artsy-fartsy wedding day. Olivia Palermo would be so proud!

You may already have already found your banjo-toting wedding band and barista beau, but you still need some threads to take that decidedly non-traditional jaunt down the aisle. And J.Crew totally gets that. Director of wedding design, Molly Schaul, told InStyle, "A lot of modern brides are always looking for something that will allow them to take a risk and be unique at their weddings but still keep that timeless aesthetic so they’ll be happy looking back at their photographs in 20 years. The shorts are a perfect option for beach weddings but also offer a really unique opportunity to be bold in a casual setting."

And J.Crew isn't the only retailer getting in on the bold bridal game. Tons of other designers have ditched the traditional ball gown to appease the bohemian gals and art degree dames with out-of-the-ordinary bridal frocks. Check out these unique spins on wedding day wear, former bridal consultant approved!

1. Bridal Rompers

For a sweet, playful look, that's awfully convenient if you plan on stretching your legs on the big day (I'm looking at you runaway brides). This pretty, lace number goes for $275 at BHLDN.

2. Tantalizing Textures

With embroidered polka dots, beaded flowers, organza, and sequins, this eclectic gown from Temperley London is a smorgasbord of texture in a buffet of soft silk.

3. Standout Shoes

Bridal shoes are all about dainty straps and low key accent pearls. These stunning platform heels from Jeffery Campbell's "Cold Feet" bridal collection literally kicks that idea to the curb, while still remaining impossibly luxe.

4. Show Stopper Separates

Now who said you need a wedding dress? Tons of bridal designers are now offering blouses and skirts for a step away from the traditional that's still romantic and feminine. Both this scalloped crop top and lace skirt from Reformation are soft and fresh.

5. Playing with Prints

Seriously, how may times did you hear someone say that they want head-to-toe bling on TLC? Brush aside those glitzy traditionalists with a subdued pattern, instead. It's just as eye-catching, but unique enough for even the hippest of the hipster brides. Get the Long Francine Tattoo Dress at Temperley London.

Images: JCrew, BHLDN, Temperley London, Ashbury Skies, Reformation