'The Vampire Diaries' Kai-Luke Has To Have A Plan: This Villain's Agenda Is Far From Over

When it comes to characters you love to hate, The Vampire Diaries ' latest big bad Kai has officially reached the top of my list. Seriously, this guy is equal parts awful and awesome, which is one of the many reasons I'd like to see him stick around on the series. And it's a wish that Julie Plec seems more than willing to grant. Now that Kai has merged with Luke and is now a full-blown witch he'll be more powerful than ever before. The question is, what does he intend on doing with all of those magical abilities? Having powers of his own has pretty much been Kai's main goal ever since we first laid eyes on him and his pork rinds. (And no, that's not a euphemism.)

So if he's already accomplished his endgame, that leaves his fate a little up in the air, wouldn't you say? He'll need a new mission in order to still keep things interesting. And since Plec went through all the trouble of making him the merge victor, I assume she has a few ideas up her sleeve. However, I doubt she'd be willing to share that intel with us (what fun would that be, right?), so I've taken the liberty of making a few Kai predictions of my own. Where could his character possibly go from here? There are definitely a few options to consider…

He'll Wreak Havoc on Everyone's Love Lives

With his powers securely intact, Kai may look to stir up trouble between our Mystic Falls couples. Why? Just because he can. Perhaps he'd even seek to steal Elena away from Damon, given their little bonding session during her abduction. Or maybe something will heat up between him and Bonnie when she returns. (I'd much prefer this scenario, TBH.) Jeremy will be out of the picture, after all, and it'd be interesting to see Bonnie dating a fellow witch. Not to mention that Bonkai has a really fun ring to it.

He'll Still Try to Merge With Jo

As much as I'd prefer for this merging storyline to be done with, Feb. 19's episode synopsis for "Let Her Go" reveals that Kai begins "experiencing unexpected consequences from the merge" and is desperate for Jo's help. Given that Luke and Kai weren't actual twins, I'm not surprised to hear that there's going to be a bit of blowback from this shortcut. It's unclear what exactly these consequences will be, but if it gets bad enough Kai may decide to try and get close to Jo just so he can merge with her, hoping to properly rectify the situation. For all we know, it's impossible to merge with more than one person in your lifetime, but that doesn't mean he isn't going to try. Kai's best and worst trait is that he's always looking out for No. 1, so I'm betting he'll take down as many people as necessary to get his way.

He'll Become Redeemable

By the same token, this could be Plec's way of slowly making Kai a more likable character. If Jo agrees to help him, they could end up bonding over the experience and lead him down a very Damon-esque road. It's also important to remember that a part of Luke now resides in Kai (hence the term "merge"), meaning that he could take on a few of his deceased brother's personality traits — including his kindness. I have to admit, I'd much rather see Kai stay a straight up villain though. (Klaus and Damon already have the redeemable bad boy thing covered.) Sometimes it's nice to have a villain just remain a villain, and in Kai's case, that could not be more true. Never change, my friend. Never change.

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