What Sex Scenes Won't Be In The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie? E.L. James’ Hints Might Disappoint Book Fans

As the Fifty Shades of Grey release hurtles towards us with breakneck speed, fans might be disappointed to learn that author E.L. James thinks the film version is more than a little sanitized: she "apparently got into multiple screaming matches with director Sam Taylor-Johnson" over the amount of sex scenes included in the film, because there were, reportedly, some disagreements over what was left out. But, what exactly do we know is being left out in the film adaptation of E.L. James' book, and why is she so mad?

First and foremost, and perhaps most disappointing, is that Jamie Dornan — who plays our thrill-seeking, leery-eyed millionaire Christian Grey — will NOT be showing his junk in the movie. In an interview with The Guardian, Dornan said the audience would not be privy to a shot of his "todger," which he called "gratuitous, ugly and graphic."

Of course, the tampon scene has been nixed, too, but that was never even on the table for the film: Taylor-Johnson said in an interview with Variety that the tampon scene didn't make it into the movie because it was never even discussed as an option. Which, okay, fine; Fifty Shades probably would have had to have more than an R rating if it wanted to get that graphic.

In the same interview with Variety, the director also said that the sex scenes in the movie "are not gratuitous. It tracks the story." Okay, but isn't the book made up of like, a lot of gratuitous sex? Let these fans have a little fun!

Other omissions: The Daily Mail notes that because the movie was striving for an R-rating to appeal to larger audiences, much of the more scandalous stuff probably won't make the director's final cut, like probably most of the masturbation and oral sex. And, even though it's posing as a film about BDSM, most of the racier play like the use of the Ben Wa pleasure balls will likely be left out.

So will James be happy with the final product? Probably not; director Sam Taylor-Johnson went on to say: "We would have proper on-set barneys ... it was about finding a way between the two of us, satisfying her vision of what she'd written as well as my need to visualize this person on screen." Apparently 'barneys' is the British word for tons and tons of creative differences.

Still, the film is one-fifth strictly sex scenes, so hopefully fans won't be too let down. After all, that trailer did look steamy...

Image: Youtube.